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Then What?

A lot of personal development experts will tell you that if you’re experiencing problems in your life it’s because you’re a vibrational match for those problems. You’re attracting them into your life. Every day.

On some level, you want these negative experiences. You get some kind of pleasure from them. These problems allow you to have something you want.

But a lot of people will resist this idea. “Why would I want cancer? Why would I want poverty? I can’t even pay my water bill.”

I’ll tell you why you want them. Because they are distractions, reasons, excuses. Reasonable legitimate excuses. But excuses.

All of the tragedy in your life, all of the problems, all the drama, is keeping you from your greatness. You’re afraid of who you could really become or what you could really accomplish if all your problems were wiped away.

Search your feelings, Luke. You know this to be true.

I want you to take a moment and do this quick exercise.

Imagine all your problems, issues, conditions, concerns, and troubles were all solved, removed or wiped away. Then what would you do?

Imagine everything in your life was fixed. You had all you needed. You were, brace yourself… actually happy. Content even. Then what? What would you do with your time here?

And now I’ll tell you the secret. Whatever you answered in the exercise is what you need to begin doing right now. Because that is your path. That’s your purpose right there. That’s why you’re here.

And I’ll tell you another secret. Once you begin working on that purpose, you’re going to start to notice your problems, issues, dramas, concerns, and troubles start to fix themselves. They’ll just start to melt away.


Because you won’t need them anymore. Once the universe sees you are serious about your path, the distractions will end. You won’t attract them anymore.

Instead, you will attract help, resources, and ideas that help you move forward on your path to purpose.

You will completely shift the course of your life.

But you can’t sit and wait for this to happen. You can’t wallow in the misery of your problems or that’s all you’ll ever experience.

So ask yourself that question. What if all your problems disappeared? Then what?

Do it. Do it now.

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