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Interview Erin: Questions by Jocy Marchan

These interview questions were submitted by Jocy Marchan who is 23 years old and has had an unquenchable thirst for the paranormal for years.

Is the other side heaven/collective consciousness?

Yes, when I speak about the other side on my blog I’m talking about where your consciousness returns to once your physical body has died. There are so many names for it. Some are religious like “Heaven” and some are spiritual like “the ether.” But basically your soul leaves your body behind and moves into frequency with another plane of existence. This plane is where you were created and that’s where you return.

What happens if you no longer choose to reincarnate?

There are countless souls on the other side who have chosen not to reincarnate. We are the ones who decide if we will come back or not. It is not forced on us. You may spend many Earth years being a spirit in the ether and not incarnating, and then one day you decide you’d like to come back. Some souls come back often and others come just once or a few times. And it will all make a lot more sense once you get back there.

You’ve mentioned before that time is non linear therefore the higher self can go to the past, present and future, why would the higher self do that? What’s the purpose?

What I said was that because there is no time on the other side, the higher self can focus its consciousness on any past, present, or future life, thus appearing as if it is living all its lives at the same time. Trying to fathom this or understand it is difficult from the density we currently inhabit. Again this will make a lot more sense when you’re above the maze and not running around inside it.

Are Angels part of collective consciousness?

There are angelic celestial beings that are part of this construct. They provide protection, emotional support and guidance. I do not believe they ever take human form, though there are some intuitives and spiritual teachers who believe they can. I believe they can overlay their energy on an incarnated human and use them as a vessel for a short period of time in order to help someone though.

You mentioned the Devil, in your article titled Dining With The Devil. Does that mean a devil exists? If so what of demons?

I have not personally encountered a being on the astral plane, or in my memory, or during a reading that I would characterize as “The Devil.” I have definitely encountered lower vibrational beings on the astral plane that like to feed off the energy of living people. I think the word “demon” is more from religion, so I prefer to just talk about the vibrational level and the level of consciousness of the beings.

A demon would be classified as a conscious low vibrational being who lives on a plane separate from our Earth plane but who can intersect with our plane if invited to, and can affect the energy of living beings when it desires or when tangled with. How’s that for a definition? 😉

The dream I had where I was talking with the Devil was very interesting. I’m not sure what type of being it really was, but he wasn’t evil or stereotypical in any way.

What does the higher self gain from the experiences endured during reincarnation?

I’ll use a metaphor. Why go to Disneyworld if you’ve already been to Disneyland? Or why do we go back to Disneyland once we’ve already been there? We like the experience and we want to try new rides. Your higher self loves to create a new character and appear on Earth to play, learn, explore, share, grow, and have fun. This too will make a lot more sense once you remember who you really are.

Does the higher self feel regret if you failed to achieve the life goals set prior to reincarnation? Especially if you decided to live a miserable life?

From what I know there is the possibility of feeling some small regret, much the way you might regret going to Disneyland but not staying for the parade at the end, or deciding to skip going on a certain ride. The journey and experience are still going to be rich and full, but perhaps not as complete as you originally intended. But you’ll get over it 🙂

Will there be karmic repercussions if you are forced to kill people in the battlefield?

Every action you take while incarnated is a choice. Choosing to kill someone in battle creates consequences you have to live with and deal with, both here on Earth and on the other side. But you would probably be surprised to know that karma is not about punishment. It’s about understanding.

If the earth was wiped out, what would happen to our higher self if there no more earth to reincarnate to?

That’s a great question and I don’t know the answer for sure. But I do know there are billions of other planets out there that we could inhabit, and I also know that there are planes and other worlds beyond our wildest dreams. I’m sure your higher self would find something to do in all of that.

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