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Paranormal Experience: Funeral Dreams

Paranormal Experience- Funeral Dreams by Erin Pavlina |

This paranormal experience was submitted by Wendy:

Several months ago, on a Wednesday night, I had an interesting dream. In this dream I was with my girlfriend, and we were looking at her deceased mother in a casket. I remember saying “This is not your mom,” when suddenly her mom made this weird, twisted, one eye open, tongue sticking out at me, sort of face. It freaked me out and I instantly woke up.

I suddenly felt the side of my bed go down, just like it would if a physical body had just sat down next to me, but no body was there. I remembered thinking this must be a visitation from my friend’s mother, so I said hello to her and fell right back to sleep.

Two days later, on the Friday, I received a call asking if I would officiate a funeral service for a young man that had passed away the week before. It was scheduled for the next day.

When I arrived at the funeral home, the young man’s body was there in an open casket for viewing. As I sat waiting for the service to begin, I happened to glance up at a screen showing various photos of this young man during his life. The picture I saw the moment I looked up was of him making a weird, twisted, one eye open, tongue sticking out at me, sort of face. It was the exact same face from my dream.

I immediately had a rush of energy flood my entire body and I instantly became aware that the dream I had two nights earlier, had been about him. It was he who sat next to me on my bed that night. My eyes filled with tears and I felt so humbled.

Not two seconds later, I was asked to come up to the front to begin the service. With the tears still in my eyes, I stood there looking out at his family and friends, not sure how to explain my emotions, when I suddenly just knew he wanted me to start by sharing my dream. I did so. I didn’t know what anyone would think but the feeling I felt was to strong to ignore.

The service just flowed beautifully, and afterwards people expressed how the words I used sounded just like him. They thanked me for sharing the special connection I had made with their loved one.

After the service, I still wondered what the connection was with my girlfriend’s mother. Why had I seen her in the dream and not this young man? I decided to call up my girlfriend and share my experience with her. She asked what funeral home this took place at, and I told her. She said, “Wendy, you went to my moms funeral, but you didn’t go to the viewing. The viewing was held at the exact funeral home you just did the service at. It was probably in the same viewing room too!”

My mouth just about hit the floor. That was it! It tied it all together. I was blown away. I was so thankful for all the validation I received that day. What a blessing it was to see the continuation of life, eternally flowing and unfolding in such a beautiful experience. I am forever humbled.

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Erin’s Comments:

Wendy, this is a great experience. What most likely happened is that this young man wanted to connect with you before the funeral so you could get messages to his family. And I believe your girlfriend’s mother helped him make the connection with you because she had a connection with you already.

That they came to you with that image and then you saw that same image at the funeral home, shows that they knew how to make that connection for you in advance.

In some of my mediumship readings, a different spirit brings through the spirit that the client wants to connect with. Happens all the time, because sometimes a spirit doesn’t know how to make the connection themselves. That is what I believe happened to you.

It’s a great gift you have that you can probably develop if you’d like. But kudos to you for following your gut and passing on the story to his friends and family.

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