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Intuitive Reading Case Study: Darla Antoine

Readers have requested hearing about some of the readings I’ve done over the years. Rather than share intimate details of a client’s reading, I’ve opened the blog up to those who wish to submit their own story. My goal with these is to help you see what can happen when you trust your guides and go with the flow. Enjoy!

Here is Darla’s story:

It was March 2008. I was living in Spain with my husband and seriously contemplating divorce. No real reason; it just didn’t feel like a good match anymore. We had married young and our recent move to Spain, although my idea, was showing me how different our paths in life were. I was depressed, scared, heartsick and 26 years old. Divorce is a HUGE decision. I wanted help. I’d never had a psychic reading before. But I figured it couldn’t hurt.

I booked a reading with Erin. She called up my phone in Spain, and the information she relayed to me from my guides was immediately soothing and comforting. Yes, they confirmed that divorce might be a good idea. They simply said I needed a different kind of energy. Someone who didn’t mince words. Actually, someone was already in my life. Someone who was involved in ecology. I had no idea who she was talking about. “Keep an eye out. If he’s not already in your life, he must be close,” she assured me.

I was relieved. I knew I wanted out of my marriage. I knew I still had lots of pain and hard work ahead of me, but now I also had the confirmation that it was for the best. I could hold onto that during the heartbreaking times.

On to the next question. I obviously needed to start rethinking my future. At the time I had a dream of running a guest lodge and helping people connect to a more simple lifestyle.

“That’s a great fit for you,” Erin confirmed. “They’re also telling me you will travel. Possibly Costa Rica.”

Uh, okay. I’d never thought about Costa Rica before, isn’t that somewhere in Central America? I filed it away.

I left Spain, and my husband, at the end of March and I began the horribly painful process of separation and divorce. I returned home to live with my parents in Washington State.

Interested in the guest lodge idea and permaculture, I began looking for permaculture farms to volunteer on in Washington or British Columbia– something to keep me busy and looking forward while I figured out my life.

Before I knew it, I was on a website for a permaculture farm in Costa Rica that accepted volunteers. On a whim I wrote to them, asked if they needed any volunteers, and a few minutes later received a reply that why, yes, they could use me next month (May).

Next month? Next month was 10 days away! I thought I’d run it by my husband, then I remembered that I didn’t need to do that anymore. I thought I would run it by my mom, then remembered that I was an adult and didn’t need to do that anymore either. Excited to be doing something on my own without consulting ANYONE, I bought a plane ticket to Costa Rica and did a happy dance of freedom and joy.

Only THEN did I remember Erin’s reading, less than a month before, which had told me I may be traveling to Costa Rica.


Ten days later I was dropped off at the end of a bus line in a tiny little town in Costa Rica. I stayed on an idyllic farm isolated between the Caribbean and the jungle. I made lifelong friends. I had the chance to heal and get to know who I was as single woman. I processed the divorce away from the emotions and influences of the rest of my friends and family. I extended my stay by another month.

And towards the end of my first month, a handsome tour guide came through the farm with a group of college students. He was a Costa Rican redhead. Born and raised in Costa Rica by parents who were born and raised in Michigan. There were sparks. He remained professional and only asked for my email, making me promise to let him know if I ever came back to Costa Rica.

“He’s cute, but I’ll never see him again.”

Two years passed. I was about to graduate from grad school and decided to go back to Costa Rica before I got a “real” job. I got in touch with the redhead.

“Still want to go on that date?” He could be married with kids by now. He could have been married with kids THEN.

“Let me know what time you get in and I’ll pick you up at the airport,” he wrote back.

Oh my. This could be trouble.


Today I am writing to you from my home in Costa Rica. I help my (new) husband run a guest lodge that he and his sisters built in 2005 and we show our guests from all over the world how to live more sustainably without giving up modern luxuries. We own 200 acres of primary forest that he and his family saved from destruction. My husband certainly does not mince words 🙂

We’re married with kids. 🙂 Two beautiful boys, in fact.

My ex-husband still lives in Spain and we remain friendly.

I average about a reading a year with Erin. Usually an email reading. And usually it’s career-related. Her readings are always helpful and comforting and even inspiring. I’ve had readings with other psychics and while they are all wonderful, I keep coming back to Erin because her connection seems to be the clearest and strongest. I just had a reading last week in which Erin confirmed I was on the right track career-wise for the work I made a contract to do in this lifetime. The first reading, however, is still the most incredible reading I have ever had.

Darla is a journalist and mother working on “that thing I agreed to do in this lifetime” (stay-tuned!). Her personal website is and you can find her guest lodge at

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