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What is Your Destiny?

A person messaged me the other day and said, “Erin, it was your destiny to be a messenger here on Earth!”

That was sweet. But, I don’t believe in destiny or fate. I firmly believe we have free will while we are incarnated.

When you believe in destiny you are basically saying that no matter what you do, you’re still going to end up doing, becoming, and having what some other being designed for you in advance.

That’s pretty disempowering.

If destiny was real and it was immutable, then all the people who commit crimes were programmed in advance to commit those crimes. All the victims of murder were pre-selected for that experience. All the heartache and horrors and tragedies of your life were going to happen no matter what you did.

That would really suck. It wouldn’t just suck for the victims of tragedy, it would suck for the people who were programmed to kill, hurt, maim and cripple other people.

If destiny was a real thing, that would mean that Hitler had no choice but to mass murder a lot of people. And if that’s true, we should all get off his back. The man had no choice.

But I don’t believe in destiny. I believe in intention and choices.

You incarnate with some intentions, then it’s your free will and your choices that determine your course and outcomes in life.

Which means you can always alter your trajectory. You are not locked onto a path. Which means if you don’t like what you’re attracting, you can attract something else.

But let’s go back to this kind woman’s statement. “It was your destiny to be a messenger here on Earth!”

I believe it was my intention to come here to help people remember where they really come from. Am I succeeding in that intention? Sometimes. And I’m really happy about that.

But I could have easily decided to finish my Human Factors Engineering degree and go work for NASA. That was a dream of mine. Would I then be reminding people why they’re here? Probably not.

But somewhere along the way, specifically in January of 2006, I decided I had information that I really wanted to share with people. And I’ve been writing ever since.

I know from the thousands of emails I’ve received that the message has been received, and for that I am more grateful than you can possibly ever know. I know that if I died tomorrow, my “mission,” my intention in incarnating, would be fulfilled and I would have no regrets.

So ask yourself… “what was your intention in incarnating?”

Did you come here to play? Help others? Explore? Create? Change something? Try something different?

Once you remember why you incarnated, it will help you get in alignment with a path that you will find very fulfilling.

But it’s not destiny that will lead you to that fulfilling path. It’s your choices and actions.

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