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The Ping and the Nudge: How spirit guides get our attention

The other day I was in the grocery store doing my shopping and all of a sudden I started thinking about one of my clients that I haven’t read for in about 6 months. There was no particular reason for me to think of her, but she popped into my head and I started wondering what was going on with her.

I pushed at the guides a little for more information and they gave me a message that I didn’t fully understand but filed away in case it meant something later.

The next day, that very same client booked a session with me. She told me she had to put down her beautiful, loving dog the day before and she had some questions about the experience. That’s when the information the guides gave me made sense. I was able to relay the information to her because I already had it.

This has happened to me many times since I started working as a professional intuitive in 2006. At first, I’d get a sudden “ping” from someone’s guides, like a tap on my shoulder. A person would pop into my head, I’d wonder why, and then that person would book a reading within a few days’ time. I thought that was kind of cool.

But over time, as I realized this was going to keep happening, I started treating these pings a little differently. Because it’s happened so often, now when I get a ping about a client, I immediately tune in and ask the guides what the message is, because I know I’m going to be relaying that message within a few days.

This has never failed to happen.

And I think what’s happening is two-fold:

First, there are just certain clients I end up getting close with energetically. Either they’ve had a lot of readings and I just know them really well, or they are someone I just really jive with and I feel a strong connection with them. So there’s an actual energetic cord between us. It’s almost like when they are in need I feel a tug on that cord.

And second, I think their spirit guides are nudging them in my direction. I believe that the client has a question, problem, or needs to make a decision and as they are mulling that over, their guides nudge them to get a reading with me. So I get the “ping” and the client gets the “nudge.”

Tuning in to the information ahead of time gives me a chance to explore their situation in depth even before they book a reading.

So over the years I’ve learned to notice that a “ping” is not just a ping. It’s a request for a conversation, like a phone ringing. In the past I would just note the phone ringing. Today I pick up the phone, have a conversation with the guides, and prepare to relay the info to my client when they book a reading.

If I’m extremely close to the client, like we’ve become actual real-life friends, I will just email the person and say “Hey your guides have a message for you.” And they usually say, “Excellent because I asked them to help me with an issue and I didn’t want to bug you.”

This is what happens when you intuit for a living, I guess. There are some people whose guides have me on speed dial. I don’t mind either because I know my conduit guide, Bob, won’t let any spirit “disturb” me unless it’s necessary and important. I trust Bob to make that call and so far he’s been correct.

It’s really taught me how connected we are energetically.

Have you had the experience of knowing someone you love is in trouble or in need?

Or how about when you think about a friend and all of a sudden they call you?

You’re experiencing that same ping. A tug of the energetic cord of friendship.

The next time you feel that same sensation, try tuning in consciously and see if you can get further information about your friend or loved one. It’s a great way to improve your own intuition.

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