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Paranormal Experience: Grandpa Says Goodbye

This paranormal experience was submitted by Chartrell:

This experience happened in 1987 when I was 13 years old. I’d always been a somewhat sensitive child, or at least I thought I was. I would sometimes have dreams that would come true, and I always seemed to know who was calling on the phone. I was really into psychic phenomenon and read every book I could find.

One night I went to sleep. I dreamed that I was asleep in my bed when I felt this cold wind coming over me. In the dream I sat up and saw a man standing at the foot of my bed. At first it was hard to make out his features but the more I looked the more I realized it was my grandfather. I said, “Grandad, what are you doing here?”

He just stood there, looking at me.

I said, “Grandad, is that you? Are you okay? What are you doing here?” An ominous feeling came over me.

Then he spoke. He said, “I’ve got to leave now and I just wanted to say goodbye. I love you.”

I started to freak out because it sounded like he was dying and saying goodbye. I said, “No, wait, please. Don’t leave me.”

He said, “You are beautiful. Enjoy your experience and I’ll see you again.”

I woke up so suddenly. I was really freaked out. I wanted to wake up my parents and talk to them but decided it must have just been a dream because my grandfather was just fine.

The next morning I found my dad in the kitchen on the phone. I could tell he was receiving bad news by how he looked.

When he got off the phone he said, “I’m sorry to tell you this, kids, but Grandpa Joe passed away last night. He apparently had a heart attack. They took him to the hospital but it was too late.”

I burst into tears and I shared the dream I had had the night before. I was so sad that my grandfather passed, but I was so grateful that he came to me to say goodbye. No one else in the family had a dream like that. I always wondered if he went to them too or just me.

Over the years I would have dreams about my grandfather and other dead relatives. Sometimes it feels like just a dream but sometimes it feels like I’m really connecting with them.

Erin’s Comments:
Chartrell, this is a very classic type of experience that happens to many people. When people die they are sometimes able to manifest themselves to people who are sensitive, like you mentioned. It’s probable that he went to visit several members of his family to say goodbye, but you were the only one who heard him.

The cold wind is also described by those who have contact with deceased loved ones. I’m not sure why we feel a cold wind, but it’s consistent with others’ stories.

And sometimes dreams about deceased loved ones are visitations and sometimes they are just dreams.

You got lucky that night to get to hear his goodbye. It’s an experience I know many wish to have.

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