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Interview Erin: Questions by Ryan Getz

These interview questions were submitted by Ryan Getz.

What happens the second we die? Do we immediately try to cross over? What is the transition like?

It depends on the manner of death.

A person dying slowly in a hospital will experience a very easy, slipping away from their body when it’s time. They will see the light, be greeted by loved ones, and have a fairly easy and standard transition.

A person suddenly decapitated by a windshield will pop out of their body suddenly and jarringly. Often these folks don’t realize they are dead, and they can stand near their body wondering what’s going on and how to get back in. But they will be collected by the other side in short order and their situation will be explained to them if necessary.

People who fear judgment will slip out of their bodies but sometimes try to avoid entering the light because they are afraid they are going to Hell. (They aren’t.)

People in comas or people who die of drug overdoses can sometimes have this lingering situation where most of them has disconnected from their bodies but not all of them. Again, beings will come to assist them in the transition.

It’s very important to know that all humans are welcomed back to Source after death. No matter what they did while alive or how their life ended, all are welcome to Source.

Can we still interact with our loved ones on the other side if they have already reincarnated?

Yes, their higher self remains in the ether and can be communed with at any time. Just realize and remember that your mom from this life may have been Genghis Khan in a previous life. The character you play here is just one of many people you’ve been. The higher self, however, remains the same. So when you cross over you’ll see your loved ones even if their higher self has created another character to play on the planet.

What is the thing you like to do most when astral traveling? Why?

When I was a teenager, I enjoyed chasing down lower vibrational entities and clearing them away from people. It didn’t start out that way, but I was attacked so often I decided I had to do something about it, so I became an astral slayer, so to speak. Check out my book, The Astral Projection Guidebook for more stories from my youth and to learn how to project when you want to.

Nowadays when I project I like to visit friends, visit the other side, and commune with high vibrational beings. The sword stays in its scabbard. 🙂

In your articles about astral projection, you mention a silver cord that keeps you alive. How can it be severed?

If your physical body dies, the astral cord will be severed. So if someone came in your room and murdered you while you were astral, you would suddenly be going through the death process.

What would you tell somebody facing death, but is afraid of it?

It’s hard to just say “Don’t be afraid, it’s beautiful on the other side” if the person has no memory of their time on the other side. It will sound like a wishful story. I would try to help them remember where they came from, and reconnect them with Source before they crossed over. Ultimately though people will decide for themselves if they will be afraid or intrigued and welcoming of death.

What are the benefits of meditating? How often do you meditate?

Meditation has strong physical benefits, but I use meditation to commune with my spirit guides more clearly. Clearing your mind, getting into a high vibration, and reaching out to the guides is a wonderful way to get advice, insight and wisdom on your life path.

I meditate every day when I do readings for clients, but in that case I’m connecting with my conduit guide, Bob, and then with my client’s spirit guides.

At night before I go to sleep I meditate for 5-10 minutes with my own guides and posse on the other side to see if they have any messages for me that I need to hear.

Do we meet God when we cross over? What about Jesus?

You will reconnect with Source/God. You will remember that you were a cell in the body of God and that God was a part of you the entire time you were incarnated.

If you choose, you will be allowed to reconnect with all the ascended masters which are the more highly evolved souls on the other side.

What is a life review? You have mentioned it quite a lot in your articles.

After you die, there appears to be some sort of review of your life. You get to see what you did, but you also get to understand and know how you affected others (for good or ill). In some cases you could even be allowed to “redo” some aspects of your life to see what would have happened if you had made a different choice.

How do we interact with others in the ether? By thoughts?

Yes, thoughts, energy, communion. Without bodies we don’t have vocal chords. We don’t speak as we speak here. But energy and intention are easily read by other beings.

If God created the universe, why did he put demons, or low vibrational beings, in it?

Source made a playground for all manner of creatures to live. Some of those creatures might frighten us so we call them low vibration beings and hope we never encounter one. But they too are just trying to live and enjoy their existence. The mouse probably asks God why he made cats or snakes. Anything we are afraid of we villify, but usually they mind their own business and don’t bother us.

What made you want to become a medium in the first place?

I didn’t really intend to become a medium. I had many experiences as a child where I communed with deceased people but they were my own relatives. It wasn’t until I was 36 years old that I realized I could also speak with other people’s deceased loved ones.

One of the most gratifying aspects of my life is being able to communicate with a client’s deceased relatives so that they know the dead are not lost to us, just moved to a different frequency. I know it has brought so many people peace, and that makes me really grateful for this gift.

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