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Wisdom from the Other Side: How a High Salary Could be Killing Your Happiness

I’ve encountered this scenario in my readings quite often:

“I am so unhappy with my job. I’ve worked my way up to a high level position and I earn an amazing salary, but going to work each day is sucking my soul dry. I’d love to transition to something that will make me happy, but I’m worried I won’t earn as much doing it as I am now. I don’t want to start over. What can I do?”

Are you in this situation?

Do you hate your job but love your current salary?

What if you quit your job and pursue your passion? Will it pay as much as your current job?

Is there a way to transition into doing something you love that will also closely align with your financial desires?

Yes there is.

First, you must clearly identify what it is you’d rather be doing. If you don’t know, you can’t move forward. So complete this step before taking any further action.

Next, figure out if you will need any sort of certification or education to be in that new field. If so, get enrolled and get that education while you maintain your current job position and salary. Yes that can be extremely time consuming, but if you push you can get it done, and you’re one step closer to your happy life.

Also, figure out if any of your current job skills will help you with your new profession. You may not need to start at the bottom. For example, maybe you’re moving from a job in sales and marketing to starting your own online jewelry business. Your old skills will definitely help you with your new career.

Introduce yourself to your new industry. Meet people who are in the industry and talk shop. Attend a seminar, conference, or workshop in your industry to learn what’s going on and to make future business friends. Join an online forum and talk to potential customers about what they want. Make sure your friends and family know where you’re headed in case they can connect you with someone or help you with tasks.

If you’re starting your own business, learn how to make a website or find a location you want to work from. If you want to be an employee in a new field, figure out where you want to work, see if they’re hiring, and find out what skills or qualifications you’d need to work there.

The point is, get all your ducks in a row before you quit your job. Build the new house before you move out of the old one. This could happen quickly or it might take a year or two, but don’t put yourself in a situation where you jump without knowing if your parachute will open.

If you jump too early, you may scramble back to the old job to regain your stability. So take a slow, steady, methodical approach to entering a new profession.

You probably won’t have to start at the bottom, but even if it takes a year or two to get back to where you are now, it will be worth it because you’re doing something you love.

If you can live comfortably off your savings, you could quit your job sooner and probably be okay, but you need to evaluate that for yourself.

The bottom line is this… don’t let a high salary keep you from having a happy life. It won’t be worth it. Getting up each morning eager to work is a gift that not everyone owns. Use that high salary to sock away savings so you can transition sooner. And be prepared to do some hard work to get the new “house” ready for move in. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

If you know you hate your job and you’re not sure what you should do instead, you can book a reading with me and your guides will tell you what your higher self intended for you and help you find a career path that fulfills you.

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