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How Animals Communicate from the Other Side

When a person dies, they often try to send back evidence that they are well on the other side. It provides their living loved ones with comfort, peace, and hope.

But do deceased animals try to communicate with their loved ones once they reach the other side?

They do, but not quite in the same way that humans do.

Here are some of the ways animals will try to get your attention from the other side.

Playing with their Toys
You may see their favorite toys moving around or in new spots they shouldn’t be. Some animals will continue to “play” with their toys from the other side. That’s because they had a strong energetic connection with the toy and it’s easy for them to re-establish that connection. So don’t put away all the toys if your animal passes away. Leave out a few of their favorites.

Laying with you in Bed
If your animal companion liked to lay down with you at night, you may notice that the same spot in your bed sometimes feels like there is an energy present. Try to tune in to the love they are sending you.

Sending You New Animal Companions
One time I was doing a reading for a woman and her black cat came through to me during the reading. Once I connected with the cat, it send me an image of a little white kitten. When I told my client what I was seeing, she told me she had just gotten a white kitten and was worried that her deceased cat would be jealous. Instead, the black cat conveyed to me that it had “arranged” for the new kitten to be with the family and was not at all jealous.

Scampering Sounds
Sometimes when an animal crosses over, it will still visit you and you can hear it scampering around like it used to, especially if you have hardwood floors. You can sometimes still hear it’s nails scratching around on the floor.

Your Other Animals Act Strangely
If you had multiple animals and one of them died, sometimes the other animals can sense the presence of their deceased companion. Watch how they behave. Do they all run to the same invisible spot in a room? Do they all suddenly look up at the ceiling when nothing is there? Sometimes that’s a sign that your animals are seeing a deceased friend. And sometimes they are just hearing or seeing something you can’t hear or see. But look for patterns.

They Knock Things Over
If your animal liked knocking over certain items while it was living, look to see if those same items often end up overturned. Your cat could be knocking it over, or your dog could be moving it.

Scents and Sounds
You may think you hear your animals barking, meowing, or making similar sounds as to when they were alive. You may also smell them nearby. Animals use whatever they can to get your attention.

Over time the signs may start to decline in frequency or stop altogether. Know that you can always send your deceased companions love and they will feel you reaching out to them.

You will see them again on the other side.

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