What happens to killers when they reach the other side?

Periodically, especially after terrorist attacks or mass murders, people send emails asking me what happens to these killers when they die and go to the afterlife.

Do they meet up with their loved ones?
Do the people they killed have to see them on the other side?
Do they go to the same place where innocent people go?
Are they punished or tortured for what they did to others?
Do they go to Hell?

The answer is that all souls, no matter what they’ve done in this life, have the same afterlife experience.

You die, leave your body, transition to a new frequency, are greeted by your guides, loved ones, animal companions, given a chance to review your life, and then you rejoin the collective consciousness of the universe.

The person you’re calling a “killer” was a person with a soul who made a free will decision that ended the life of other people. It sucks for the people he killed, it sucks for the families and loved ones that were impacted by the premature death, it sucks for humanity as a whole.

But when a soul returns to the ether there is no judgment against that soul. I know that may be hard for some people to accept.

The best analogy I can think of is that life is a play. Actors play roles. Some play villains, some play heroes, some are background characters, etc. During the play, the villain hurts people, but when the play is over, the actor sloughs off his role as the villain and looks for another play to star in. We don’t hold the actor responsible for the horrors his character committed.

So do people who hurt others get off with no punishment whatsoever?

During the life review you get to see, feel, and know how your energy impacted the people you interacted with on Earth. For some that will be quite a pleasant experience. For others, like the killers, there may be remorse, a feeling of guilt or shame, and sorrow.

It is up to them to decide how they will feel about their actions. The only judgment on the other side is that which you inflict upon yourself.

One of the greatest gifts we get when we incarnate is free will. It’s a blessing and curse because many people use that free will to hurt others. It’s not just killers.

It’s the bully who says mean things to other kids.
It’s the boss who fires a great worker so he can replace him with a family member.
It’s the woman who leaves her baby in a hot car while she runs into the drugstore for a minute.
It’s the person who drinks and drives and causes an accident.
It’s the person who takes drugs and loses their job.
It’s the kid who pulls another kid’s hair.
It’s the person who abandons their children because they can’t cope with being a parent.

We all make choices. We all take actions. Sometimes we hurt other people. On purpose or by accident.

But surely killers are different right? I mean, they ended someone’s life! How is it fair that they are not punished?

We are not flogged on the other side for the choices we made while incarnated. Not one single choice. Whether it was a heinous crime or calling someone names. To the other side it is no different.

When you get to the other side you remember things you don’t remember now. You remember that when you chose to incarnate to this planet that you could be hurt, that your life could end prematurely, that someone might hurt you. And you chose to come anyway.

You remember that people on Earth can sometimes be cruel, and that bad things could happen to good people based on probability or free will. And you chose to come anyway.

You remember that you are not that one incarnation and you are not that one horrible choice you made. You are a loving tendril of Source consciousness sent to Earth to explore, share, learn, grown, and experience joy. You will make choices that bless others and choices that hurt others. It’s the nature of Earthlings at this present time.

Your incarnated self may not remember any of this, so when murders happen, the outrage you feel and the need for justice and punishment you clamor for, seems all consuming, and all right, because societal indoctrination tells you that murder is wrong, and that murderers should be punished.

But try to understand from the perspective of the other side. You are born in perfect grace and you die in perfect grace.

You choose to incarnate again to experience life differently, to make different choices, to help heal the planet, to find your way through a new corridor in the maze of life.

You are not your character. When your body dies, you slough off the character you’ve been playing and head back to the ether. You might get through your life review and say “Oh man, I really hurt a lot of people. I wish I had made different choices and I am so sorry for what I’ve done.” You get the opportunity to feel that.

But no one is going to Hell. Everyone is greeted by grace on the other side. It’s okay if you don’t like that. It’s okay if you don’t agree with that. It’s okay if you don’t feel it is true. You will remember when you die, when you remember what you’ve forgotten. You will remember the unconditional love and grace the universe bestows on all its children.

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