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Why Being a Medium is More Difficult Than Being a Psychic

You may have heard someone say that all mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums. Why is that? If someone is psychic, can’t they just tune in to the deceased the same way they tune in to spirit guides?

No. Here’s why.

When you are using psychic abilities, you are utilizing your clairs. That’s clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. You use one or more of those abilities to communicate with your own spirit guides, the ones who have been with you your entire life.

Tapping into your psychic abilities is a capability that every person is born with, and you can develop those psychic abilities the same way you might build your muscles. Not every does, but everyone is capable.

Tuning in to your own guides and your own intuition is easier because your spirit guides are highly attuned to you and they know how to connect with you. They’ve been doing it since you were born.

But when you try to tune in to a deceased individual, you are reaching out to someone who you may never have made spiritual contact with before.

In other words, when a person gets to the other side, they don’t magically develop the ability to communicate with living people. That’s something they have to figure out just like we here on earth have to figure out.

Some deceased people may be naturally gifted and can reach back through the ether and communicate quite easily. For others, it may be more difficult, it may be something they have to practice.

When I am doing a reading for a client and they ask me to communicate with a deceased individual, I have to go looking for that person. Where spirit guides are right there, hanging out, ready to communicate with me in an instant, a deceased person is not sitting there on the other side waiting for someone to contact them.

So I have to find their frequency. I have to call out to them to see if they want to communicate (some don’t.) And then once I find them, that deceased person has to be capable of communicating with me using a clair just like I have to use a clair to tune in to the other side.

Some deceased people will send me images, which works great for me because I am clairvoyant so I can see them. Some will say things to me, which is also great because I am clairaudient. But some deceased people will only send feelings and sensations. So if I’m looking for an image, and they aren’t sending one, I won’t be able to make a connection.

Not only do I have to tune in to their frequency, they have to tune in to mine. And we’re not best buds, I’m only just meeting them for the first time, so it’s a bit awkward for us to find the same frequency sometimes.

Again, with spirit guides it’s different. I can tune in to anyone’s spirit guides instantly because they are pros at communicating with the living and I’m a pro at communicating with the other side.

For deceased people it’s like walking into a studio and trying to turn on a microphone and begin broadcasting when they’ve possibly never done it before.

For some, it’s easy. For others it’s difficult or impossible.

One thing that makes it easier, however, is that oftentimes a spirit guide can help a deceased person communicate. They are like the relay between the psychic and the deceased person. So sometimes when I’m trying to reach a deceased loved one during a reading, their spirit guides will tell me what the person is saying to me and I can relay that to the client.

From this side, becoming a medium requires that one further step in skill. You have to be able to search for and lock onto a specific frequency, and it’s not on the list of your favorites. You have to scan for it.

If a person is already quite accomplished at being a psychic, they will have a much easier time with mediumship because they know what it feels like to link up with an energy on the other side.

But if you cannot reliably tune in to spirit guides, especially your own, you will have a more difficult time tuning into a deceased loved one.

If you are psychically challenged, you may not be out of luck. Sometimes deceased loved ones will reach out to you and make a connection with you. That’s a powerful spirit who can do that. They might come to you in a dream and tell you they are okay or give you some advice.

So, to sum up, the reason why mediumship is harder than being psychic is because deceased people have to learn how to communicate energetically with the living, and the psychic has to search for a very specific frequency among a gajillion souls. But a skilled medium can usually find a way to reach the deceased even if they have to go through a spirit guide relay.

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