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A Message from David Bowie

I’m going to just jump right into this. David Bowie is broadcasting a lot of wisdom from the other side. He’s a pretty enlightened soul and from what I can tell from the broadcasts, he’s eager to share as much information as he can about life, death, and how things are.

When I’ve tuned in to other celebrities, I see their passing and they sometimes send back a message, like Maya Angelou did.

But Bowie is different. He didn’t just send back a message, “Hey I made it. Thanks for the well wishes everyone.” He is continuing to broadcast.

He’s got the spiritual teacher energy in spades. I would have to guess that many intuitives are picking up on his broadcast.

I wanted to tune in and hear what he’s saying. So the other night, he came to me in a dream with a lovely and beautiful message that I know he’d love for many people to hear.

This is what happened in the dream.

In the dream, David Bowie came up to me and said, “Sit down. There’s something I want to show you.”

I sat on a stool in front of one of those large make-up mirrors with all the light bulbs around it.

He opened a large make up case, took out a brush, and picked up some make up. He used the brush to paint something on my cheek but told me not to look until he was done.

When he was done, I turned to the mirror and saw a beautiful heart painted on my cheek. It had contour, shading and glitter and was just really pretty.

As I was looking at it, it faded into my skin and went inside my body.

He said, “This is love. Every human is born with what we’ll call a Love Molecule. It’s the tiny spark from Source that connects your soul to your physical body. It’s woven into every human being that comes to Earth. It’s your connection to Source, and it’s a sort of marker that identifies you. You may not remember you have one, but every person gets one.”

Then he said, “Every person who is incarnated now is carrying this molecule in their spiritual DNA. If you can tune into it, it will remind you that you are of Source, that you are loved, and that you are never truly alone. The spark connects all humans together. It activates when you are around other people. It reminds you that all humans are connected to one another.”

I said, “Wow, that’s lovely.”

He said, “We want you to remember that you are a part of creation, not separate from it. We want you to remember that even Earth is just a molecule in the body of the Universe. Take care of one another. There is no need to hurt each other in any way. Remember your spark, remember the love, and let it guide you.”

I said, “Thank you for sharing that.”

He said, “Thank you for hearing me.”

I smiled and woke up.

The energy I feel from Bowie is astounding. He has deep spiritual wisdom and really wants to share it.

His broadcast is very strong. He is not required to share anything, yet he is eager to guide us and help us understand our existence. I can tell that it brings him great pleasure to do so.

He’s an interesting energy. I hope to hear more from him in the future.

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