Pennies in the Jar

I’ve been working with some younger clients who are suffering from depression, low self-esteem, poor body image, and feelings of inadequacy. Boys and girls alike. They feel like they will never succeed, never make anything of themselves, never be able to stand on their own. Many of them want to give up, just disappear from life and go out in a blaze of glory.

But I’ve seen something inside all of them that wishes they could find their way through the darkness. I can see a light in each one of them; that spark that says “But what if I COULD heal? What if I COULD find my way through this darkness?”

During a reading with one such client, their guides told them to try something that I thought was really profound, and could help a lot of people going through depression. Here is what they explained…

Get yourself a jar.

Every time you experience a moment that feels good to you, every time you have a thought that lifts your spirit or inspires you, even for just a moment, put a penny in the jar.

Every time someone expresses gratitude towards you, put a penny in the jar.

Every time you feel grateful for anything in your life, put a penny in the jar.

Every time you feel loved, put a penny in the jar.

Every time you can look at yourself in the mirror and find your beauty, put a penny in the jar.

At first, it might be difficult. At first it may seem as if one penny in a jar isn’t worth much. But the pennies will add up. Keep putting pennies in the jar.

If you have a significantly beautiful day, put a nickel in the jar, maybe even a dime or quarter.

Let that jar represent the rebuilding of your soul, of your love for yourself.

Every penny in that jar will have a story. Every penny says to you that you are valuable, that your life has meaning.

Every penny represents a moment of clarity, a moment of self-love.

Keep filling the jar with pennies.

One day you’re going to see that your jar is overflowing. You can’t fit another penny in that jar. That’s when you’re going to start giving pennies to others, to help them fill their jars too.

The client who received this wisdom in her reading promised she would try it. I asked her to email me 4 weeks later and tell me what happened. This is what she sent me.

“Erin, I did what you and the guides told me to do. I got a jar and I put it on my dresser. I even got a roll of pennies so I would always have some nearby. The first day I managed to put three pennies in my jar. I ‘earned’ those pennies when I offered to help my little brother with his homework, when I told myself my hair looked good that day, and when I reached out to my grandmother in Singapore to say hello. I know I made her smile. I looked at those three pennies in the jar and I was proud of myself. The next day I got three more pennies into that jar. Every day more pennies went into that jar. You were right that they add up quickly. I am loving this experience because I can see it so viscerally. My jar is filling up… with love, with gratitude, with better self-esteem. I still have a long way to go. But I love looking at my jar, and I love the sound of dropping another penny in there. Please thank my guides for their advice. I don’t know where I would be without it.”

Find any and every reason to love yourself and have joyful moments. Every moment of joy, gratitude and love that you feel in your day has value. It will fill you with light and love.

Get a jar. Get some pennies. Fill the jar. One penny at a time.

If you or a loved one are feeling low or depressed, you can book a reading with me and we’ll ask your guides what you most need to know to help you on your path.

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