Your Higher Self Isn’t Afraid to Suffer

Whenever I talk about reincarnation on my blog or on Facebook people will often say, “There’s no way I would ever come back here. It’s horrible here. Why would I ever come back?”

But people DO come back. They come back all the time. You’ve probably been here hundreds of times. And given our world history, the odds are that when you did come back here, conditions weren’t all that great. Poverty, disease, and war are rampant in our history. Probably only a small percentage of people who have ever lived, lived a luxurious life free of stress. What do you think that percentage is? Maybe 2-3%?

Whatever it is, the vast majority of our souls have incarnated many times on Earth and suffering and struggle have been rampant.

So why WOULD a soul ever choose to come back?

Many people believe you are sent against your will. Some people even think a life here is punishment.

But the truth is that life here is a gift. Souls WANT to come here. Why? Why do they line up to incarnate? Why, when we have free will and we can decide never to come back, do souls decide to incarnate again anyway?

The answer is because your higher self is not afraid of suffering. Not remotely. And your higher self is the one who decides when you will come here, what your circumstances will be, and what you desire to achieve or experience while you are here.

Once you get here, you are catapulted onto the Free Will Highway, meaning that once you get here you may have pretty grand intentions, but sometimes all you can do is survive being tossed about by the storms or pulled under by the riptides.

Your higher self knows that living on Earth isn’t the easiest place to be. But your higher self chooses to incarnate anyway.


Because your higher self knows that life is a gift; that the opportunity to incarnate into a physical existence is like going on a grand adventure.

Let’s use some analogies.

Why would someone even attempt to climb Mt. Everest when they know there is a very real chance they could die? Because they want to, because they want to overcome fear or conquer a huge obstacle.

Why does someone go workout at the gym knowing the next day they will be sore? Because the soreness is worth obtaining a healthier body.

Why does someone allow themselves to become pregnant knowing that childbirth is anything but easy? Because they want to bring life into the world and raise a child.

Why do we do things that scare us or that might hurt us? Because there is something positive to be gained and we decide the risk is worth the reward.

It is no different when your higher self chooses to come back here.

“War? Let’s see if we can bring peace!”

“Poverty? Let’s see if I can be innovative enough to build a business from nothing!”

“Disease? What if I’m the one that cures it?!?!”

Your higher self knows life isn’t easy, but incarnates anyway.

Your higher self knows there is a chance the life will be difficult, but chooses to come anyway.

Your higher self is not afraid to suffer, because the opportunity for love, joy, peace, and gratitude are also awaiting your life on Earth.

To those of you who hate your lives so much that you can’t wait for them to be over… for those of you who believe you would never incarnate again… I get it. Your life is not going well and you don’t want to risk coming back here and experiencing something just as bad if not worse!

But you’re going to feel differently when you get back to the ether. You’re going to remember that life here is just a moment in all of eternity. You’re going to savor the time you had here, the chances you had, the gift of free will.

How boring would life be if you went from pure bliss in the ether, to a planet that was perfect. Do we get on roller coasters that are level with no ups or downs? Do we climb mountains that are flat? Do we sail in oceans that have no wind?

Life is a daring adventure. Life is a gift. You’re here. Make the best of it. And when you get back to the ether you’re going to have a story to tell. And all the pain and misery you experienced here will be gone. And your higher self will say, “That was a rush! When do we get to do that again?”

And you will want to come back. I know you can’t see that from where you stand, inside this life. But it will be there when you can look back and see the marvelous adventure your life really was.

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