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Why Your Intuition May Feel Foggy at Times

A lot of people who come to me for a reading are quite intuitive themselves and are even used to listening to and acting upon their intuition. So why would they need to come to me? Because sometimes your intuition is a little foggy and you can’t make heads or tails of the messages you’re getting, so going to an objective person who doesn’t have a horse in the race can give you the clarity you need.

I’ll give you an example. I had a client who wanted to know if she should stay in California and pursue a screenwriting career or if she should move to New York to study fashion design. When she consulted her intuition she did not get a clear answer. She thought her intuition was on the fritz. She kept asking her guides, “Should I stay in California or move to New York?” And she heard and felt nothing from her guides.

Frustrated, she booked a reading with me. I saw the problem immediately when I tuned in. The way she was asking her question made it difficult for her guides to answer. The way we ask questions matters.

Instead of asking her guides if she SHOULD stay in CA or move to NY, I asked, “What happens to her if she moves to New York? What happens to her if she stays in California?” I asked each question separately. That made all the difference.

There is no “should” on the other side. There are only choices and consequences of those choices. When you ask your guides what you should do, their non-corporeal hands are tied, because maybe you would be just as happy and fulfilled on both paths.

Instead, let them tell you what is likely to happen on each path and then you get to choose the path you desire.

But, Erin, don’t the guides have a say? Don’t they have a perspective? Don’t they know what we should do? Isn’t that why we consult guides?


You consult your guides to get information about what’s coming on the path, and then you decide which experience you want to have. After you’ve picked the path that has the outcome you desire, then you ask your guides how to best walk that path; how to get there faster, how to get there more easily, how to make it less expensive, and things of that nature.

But your guides are not going to make decisions for you. They will simply provide the information you need so you can make better choices. It’s wonderful, really. It’s like being handed a map and you can plot your course ahead of time so you can avoid pitfalls, dangers, expenses, and other things that may make the path less fun or productive.

When you are consulting your intuition and you don’t feel like you’re getting a clear answer, break your question down more. Let them give you all the information so you can make a conscious choice about your path.

And if you are having trouble hearing your guides, you can always book a reading with a professional intuitive (hey, I know a great one!) and she can get the information from your guides and pass it on to you so you can make a great choice for yourself.

Sometimes there is more than one path to joy. So avoid asking the “should” question and simply ask, “What can you tell me about my path if I do this…. And what can you tell me if I do that?”

When you are advanced at consulting your intuition, you can just tune in and say to your guides, “Tell me what I most need to know about my path right now, and what options are out there for me?” Then watch as they hand you the map that shows all your options.

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