What To Do When the World Isn’t Functioning the Way You Want It To

You’re born into a corporeal body. It takes years to adjust to it enough to be able to walk, talk, eat, and play. You grow up in some type of family structure and you figure out that sometimes you are happy and sometimes you are sad. Sometimes things go exactly the way you want them to and sometimes they don’t. You learn that life isn’t always fair and that you can’t control a whole lot.

But there are a few things you can always control.

You can control your conduct; you can decide if you will be kind or if you will be mean-spirited.

You can control your thoughts; you can decide how you will view the world. As a playground or a battlefield.

You can control your energy; you can decide if you will carry the energy of love or the energy of fear.

You can control your emotions; you can decide if you will feel safe or helpless.

When the world is not doing what you wish it would do, still be you.

All the activities in the world are a reflection of our collective vibration. So if you want your world to be more loving and kind, you must be more loving and kind.

If you want your world to show respect to all people, model what a respectful life looks like.

Put more into the world of what you want to see in the world.

When the world is not functioning the way you want it to, be more you. More kind, more loving, more thoughtful, more supportive, more compassionate. Your energy ripples through the ocean of life and has an impact.

Always be you. The more of you that is put into the world, the more the world will reflect you back.

Do not bow to fear. Do not worry about things that haven’t happened. Put no energy into thinking of that which you do not want to see.

Be brave, strong, and loving. Stand for what and who you are. Be more you. And the world will change.

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