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Is Your Death Predetermined?

During readings with my clients, many of them ask me if their loved one’s death was predetermined. Does God decide in advance when a person will die?

The answer is always the same. No. Your death is never predetermined. You die when your body can no longer house your soul. You die when the vessel is damaged or broken beyond repair, whether from accident, trauma, illness, murder, or suicide.

You live only so long as the soul and body are connected, so anything that severs that connection will result in physical death.

Your death is determined by the free will choices you make and those that other people make that affect you.

It’s all cause and effect, choice and consequence.

If you live a reckless life, your odds of dying early are increased.

If you live a safe and healthy life, your odds of dying are decreased.

But there is always random chance. You could get struck by lightning simply by choosing to be outside in a thunder storm you thought was pretty.

You could be shopping in a mall when a terrorist decides to blow it up.

You could get bit or stung by an insect and develop a debilitating disease that wastes your body away.

You could be struck in a crosswalk by a drunk driver.

But there is no one on the other side with a clipboard saying, “Push Johnny in front of that car today, will ya? It’s his time to go.”

Once the stork drops you off on the doorstep of life, you take your chances like everyone else.

You may live a long life, you may live a short one.

It may seem terribly unfair when someone you love dies unexpectedly, or dies young, or was so healthy but still got hit by a car. It may feel like someone “up there” doesn’t like you or has it in for you. But that is not the case.

Your death is not predetermined. There is no fate but that which you make for yourself.

Your choices and decisions will lead you on a path, and one day that path will end in your death.

The point is to make the best use of the life and the time you have because you never know when your last day on Earth will be.

Live a life you are proud of. Live a life filled with as much joy as possible. Enjoy the playground of life and experience all that you desire.

Spend time with those you love, because you never know when it could be their last day or yours. Cherish your loved ones, make each day count.

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