How To Pray So God Will Answer

When I was a little girl I can recall that when I was struggling with life I would immediately pray to God. Mind you, I was not religious at all. But all my friends believed in God and they prayed to Him when they wanted a certain outcome, so I figured I would do the same. I only talked to God when I wanted something from Him.

As far as I knew, God was the genie that granted wishes.

I felt good that I only made a wish when I really needed one. I only prayed for relief from pain or struggle. Other friends used to ask God for material wealth and possessions. “God, I need a million dollars.” “God, I want an A on my math test.” “Please make Sean like me! Kay, thanks!”

Does God answer prayers? Does He grant wishes? Does He make good things happen in your life?

No. He doesn’t. God, or Source as I call Him nowadays, does not grant wishes. Not a single one.

Source gives you a soul, facilitates your journey to Earth, and fills you with Love. Then He lets you live your life on a planet that is governed by cause and effect, science, and physics. He gives you free will so that you may learn that everything you do has consequences.

Don’t have a million dollars? Work for it.

You want an A on your math test? Study for it.

You want Sean to like you? Go talk to him.

You live on a planet where you can create your own miracles; where you can answer your own prayers.

Does Source hear you when you pray? Absolutely. Source knows your struggle, your joys, your fears, hopes, and dreams. Source would love for you to have anything and everything you want.

So Source created a world where you can energetically attract your desired outcomes by being a vibrational match for them.

When you want something, focus on achieving it. Focus on feeling the feeling you will have when you already have it. Feel the energy of expectation. That’s becoming a vibrational match for your desire.

And then you will manifest what you desire as long as you are a true vibrational match for it.

Why doesn’t God answer prayers? He won’t interfere with free will. He won’t mar the experience you’re having or the lessons you’re learning by artificially changing your outcome with “magic.”

You get to answer your own prayers. You get to create your own reality. You get to become that which you yourself have created.

If you want something to change, if you want a different outcome, you have the power to create it.

So how should you pray so that God will answer?

Look in the mirror, at the God within you, and say, “If it is to be, it begins with me. If I want it, I can create it. If I need it, I can get it.”

Live your life knowing that every action you take will have a consequence. If you never study, you will fail your test. If you study hard, you will ace your test. Choice and consequence. Action and result.

God is pulling for you though, and he trusts you to make the choices that lead to the outcomes you desire.

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