Plugging in to Inner Peace

I laid down to sleep the other night and a strange combination of sensations came over me. I wasn’t expecting these two to come together. In fact, these two sensations had never resided in my body at the same time. It was a mystery I wanted to explore further.

The first sensation I felt was incredible anxiety, stress and overwhelm. I had serious problems to solve in my life. Loved ones who were suffering and badly needed my help. Health issues that have bogged me down of late and made me very worried. My mind was roaming around in fear and lack of control. I didn’t think I could get to sleep because I could not calm my stressful thoughts.

The other sensation that resided in my body was contentment. A full-on, deep to my core, sense of well-being, like everything was perfectly right with my existence. I felt completely held by the universe in the greatest peace I have known in a long time. Like everything was perfect. Like there was nothing to worry about. “I got you,” whispered the Universe.

I couldn’t reconcile feeling two different ways. How can you feel incredible stress and anxiety while also feeling completely at peace?

I started exploring the sensations further, asking my guides to help me understand the dichotomy and how I could feel both at the same time.

My higher self came to me and said:
“The worry is coming from your corporeal self, the one that identifies as the character you are playing. Your character in the game of life is going through a struggle right now. She has legitimate concerns that affect her existence. She is in danger, and she is trying to determine the best course of action. This is a normal human reaction. It is what all humans do.

Your soul however is remembering existence differently. Your soul remembers that you are a spirit having a human experience, that you are never truly alone, that you are connected to Source with a bond that can never be broken. Your soul remembers who you really are and that none of these worldly, earthly, human problems can ever affect its essence.

Usually humans do not tune in to both their corporeal self and their souls at the same time. But that is what you are doing right now.”

I decided to try a little experiment. I toggled myself fully onto the corporeal human side. The anxiety, stress and overwhelm filled my body. I felt cortisol running through my veins. My breathing was short and sporadic. My stomach churned. Panic swept over me. Not pleasant.

Then I toggled myself back over to that feeling of complete contentment, and suddenly I could breathe again. I felt calm, peaceful, and almost euphoric. I couldn’t even access my “problems” from this state. I really liked how this was feeling so I let it expand in my body until I even felt the urge to chuckle and just laugh at my worldly problems.

After about 5 minutes of that, I toggled back to the middle and laid there feeling both sensations.

I said to my higher self, “Which one of these sensations am I supposed to attenuate to?”

She said, “It depends on what you want to feel.”

I said, “Well I mean who would want to feel the overwhelm? I’d rather feel the contentment.”

She laughed and said, “What do you think will happen to your worldly concerns if you focus only on feeling contentment and peace?”

I said, “Well I don’t think they would bother me so much because on some level I would know they didn’t really matter; that everything is going to work out fine in the end, and that any outcome won’t change this inner state of peace I have.”

She said, “That is true. That is what would happen.”

I said, “But aren’t I supposed to stay plugged into my character’s life and handle her problems and issues?”

She said, “Could feeling peaceful and content help you handle her worldly problems? What do you think would happen to your problems if you approached them with a sense of peace instead of anxiety?”

I replied, “I would imagine that they might sort themselves out quicker, easier, and probably in a better way than my corporeal character’s mind might come up with.”

She said, “I think you’re right, Erin. Why don’t you try it and see what happens?”

I let go of the conversation and let the feeling of peace permeate my entire body. I drifted off to sleep.

As I went through the next week, I decided to bring that sense of peace and contentment with me into my daily life. I didn’t ignore my worldly problems, but before I thought about how I wanted to solve them, I first reconnected to the peace, and then I decided how to solve them.

And some magical things happened. Some of the problems went away completely without me doing anything. And I started to feel more peaceful about some of the other problems, like they weren’t stabbing me with urgency, they were just there floating alongside me.

It felt good. It felt better than how I used to feel.

I don’t always remember to access the peace but I’m remembering to do it more and more often.

See if you can find this peace, this contentment. See if you can tap into that feeling of complete peace in your soul, and then see what happens when you carry it with you throughout your day. Use its energy on your problems and see what happens.

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