Did a Psychic Discover the Atom?

I was watching a documentary the other day and the narrator was telling the story of Democritus, a philosopher born in 460 BC. Democritus was called the “Father of Modern Science” due to his thoughts about how matter was made up of little tiny particles, he called atoms. Pretty nifty insight from a guy with really no way to verify his data.

But the interesting thing about Democritus, according to the narrator of the show, was that Democritus was said to have gotten the concept from communicating with beings in another dimension. That his ideas and philosophies came from communing with other worldly energies.

Now I have NO idea if that is true or not as I was not there and certainly no one alive today could say whether that is true or not.

But it got me thinking about the fact that psychic abilities, and the ability to speak to our guides, our higher selves, even celestial beings on multiple planes, must have existed from the moment humanity graced this planet.

There were probably people in ancient times who connected with deceased relatives or their spirit guides in much the same way that people with advanced intuitive abilities connect today.

However, back in the ancient times, it probably wasn’t understood very well. Society may have thought these folks were crazy. Even today people think psychics are nuts.

Throughout history there have been people who were the spiritual counselors to kings. Were they offering guidance they received from the king’s spirit guides? Did they know how to tune in instinctively?

Although I grew up very intuitive, I didn’t even try connecting with other people’s guides until 2006. It was at that time I had an experience which made me understand that I really was talking to a real person who had died and who was giving me information for someone else.

After that I sought training to further enhance the gift, but I ended up being trained by my own spirit guides who took me under their wing, introduced me to my conduit guide, Bob, and taught me how to tune in to other people.

I wonder how ancient mediums and psychics functioned and how they were trained. For so much of our history we were taught that psychic and mediumship abilities are evil or bad. People were put in mental institutions for claiming to talk to spirits. How many of them were just budding psychics?

The story of Democritus fascinated me. If the story is true, he was able to tune in to beings who were able to explain to him the workings of minute particles of matter. According to history, most of Democritus’ papers and research were burned. Who knows what other brilliance he may have received from the other side.

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