Is my Deceased Loved One Stuck on the Earth Plane?

A lot of people write to me wanting to know if their deceased loved one “made it” to the other side. “Are they in Heaven? Are they stuck here on Earth? Are they Earth bound? Is there anything I can do to help them cross over? Are they in limbo? Are they suffering?”

The vast majority of people who die cross over easily and well. There is a system in place. When you die, the door to the other side opens for you and all you have to do is step through. For some people this looks like a bright white light. Others will feel a rushing sensation as your spirit is lifted up into the sky. Others will walk down a tunnel towards a light. You might simply be greeted by an angel or your deceased pet or a loved one who crossed before you, and they will guide you back to the ether.

But no matter how you die or who you were in life, you are afforded the same opportunity to cross over. The crossing over process is not barred to anyone. It is always available.

That being said, there are situations that may cause a person to resist moving on. I’ve seen this in the following cases.

A person who committed heinous crimes like murder will sometimes fear going into the light because they fear judgment.

A person who killed themselves may also feel unworthy of being in the light and may resist crossing over.

A person who died very suddenly or tragically and refuses to cross over because they want to get back into their body and continue living.

A person who is confused about what has happened to them and doesn’t realize they are dead.

Again I want to stress that these situations are very rare. Every single person who dies is given an open door to cross over. And it’s not hidden; it’s not something you have to find. It will be right there in front of you. But some people choose to retain their earthly identity even after they’ve sloughed off their mortal coil.

So what happens to these people?

They roam. They stay connected to their loved ones or in some cases try to hide from the light if they fear judgment. Staying earth bound requires some energy from others though so energy is siphoned from living people and from the plane they are on.

Over time, angelic energy is able to convince these people to cross over.

I have read for clients whose deceased loved ones remained earth bound for several years. Sometimes I have seen the angels have to help the person divest themselves of their earthly identity so they can remember that they are a lot more than just this one life.

To use an analogy, imagine if an actor on a tv show maintained his character when he went home for the day to his family. His family would like, “Joe, why are you acting like your character on the show? You’re done filming for the day.”

But some people simply can’t let go.

Is there a way to help someone who hasn’t fully crossed over?

Yes. Talk to them. Let them know it’s okay for them to go. Let them know that what awaits them is unconditional love and that you will see them when you cross over too. Reassure them that you will be okay and that it’s safe for them to go. Ask their angels to help them.

How do you know if someone is earth bound or not?

You’d have to tune in to their energy and see. A medium can do this for you, or if you have intuitive abilities that allow you to communicate with the deceased, you can do it yourself. During readings with clients I can easily see whether a person has crossed over fully or is earth bound. When a spirit is earth bound they present to me very differently than when they are fully crossed over. You may also notice more paranormal activity in your home if you have a deceased loved one nearby.

Can you still talk to a deceased loved one if they have fully crossed over?

Yes. Deceased loved ones are able to communicate with the living any time they desire and if they have mastered the skill. A medium can speak to someone on the other side even if that person is fully crossed over.

In other words, distance and condition don’t matter in the case of communication. I can speak to a dead person no matter where they are in the crossing over process. Our loved ones check in on us and sometimes they are hovering nearby. But a spirit that has NOT crossed over comes through very differently and behaves differently than a spirit that HAS crossed over.

If you are concerned about the state of your deceased loved ones you can book a session with me and I can tell you what state they are in and, if they are still earth bound, I can determine what is needed to cross them over.

But like I said, almost everyone crosses over fully and safely. I don’t want you to worry that your loved one is stuck somewhere and I don’t want that to preoccupy your thoughts. It’s hard enough to cope with a loss and you don’t want to worry about their afterlife state.

So while it is possible for someone to become earth bound, it is extremely rare.

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