Why You Need to Let Go of this Twin Flame Idea

I was doing an email reading for a client who was having a hard time. She was in a relationship with this guy but he was cheating on her and he also had a huge gambling problem. She had loaned him thousands of dollars to help him pay off his debts and was waiting for him to pay her back with the income he didn’t have because he wasn’t working.

Her question was not, “How do I recover from this set back and get back on my feet?”

No. Her question was, “How can I get him to take me back? According to this psychic I went to, he is my twin flame and if we aren’t together I will be alone the rest of my life.”

This is hogwash. There are no twin flames. If you’re not familiar with the concept (lucky you), a twin flame is supposedly a person who mirrors your energy. There is this passionate connection that can be really intense but also sometimes really discordant. “We fight because we love each other” and nonsense like that.

The universe is not designed this way. You come from a huge pool of unconditional love. You are the manifestation of one tendril of this love, come to Earth to experience, share, teach, grow, have fun, and interact with other tendrils.

To tie yourself to one of these tendrils like it’s your only option for happiness is a huge disservice to the gift you have been given. It’s extremely disempowering. What if this other tendril decides to cheat on you or beat you or prematurely dies? What then?

Basing your happiness on being with one person like a twin flame or a soul mate will only trap you.

It’s not that you can’t have amazing and intense relationship with people. You can. But you are not pre-assigned to be with any one person. You are not stuck with one person on Earth with whom you will share a happy and glorious life.

As you grow and change, you will naturally attract new energies to you. As your desires change, your vibration changes, and you will attract new people into your life and possibly let go of those who no longer share your vibration. This is normal and natural and not something to be feared.

By the time I was done reading for my client she understood better that she had choices. She could wait for him to come back to her or she could let go with love and forgiveness and move on, lesson learned.

She wrote back to me a few months later to tell me she was no longer waiting for this man to come back to her and she had begun to get over the betrayal and loss of money. She even began seeing herself as lucky she found out what kind of person he was before they ever got married. She was no longer looking for her twin flame, opting instead to evaluate each relationship on its merits and not some pre-determined fated meeting.

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