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Is There Such a Thing as Family Karma?

During readings I’ve had many clients ask me about family karma. They think they are “cursed” because someone in their family tree did something horrible and now all the family members have to pay the price.

I had one client tell me he knew he would never find love because his ancestor murdered his wife and now HE had to pay back the guy’s karma – like karma is some kind of debt that must be paid no matter what. Sort of like those debtor prisons where if your mom was in debtor prison when you were born then you lived in the prison with her and helped her pay off her debt.

Let me clear up this concept. There is absolutely no such thing as family karma. It’s sort of a ridiculous notion when you understand the idea better.

When you pick your parents, you are choosing the people that will most likely put you in the position you want to be in to fulfill your intention in life. For example, if you have the intention of finding a cure for a certain disease, maybe you find a couple who are doctors or chemists or biological scientists and choose them to give birth to you. These parents create your body, and your soul pops right in.

You are not energetically responsible for anything anyone in your biological family’s history has ever done. That would be silly. That would be like if someone skipped out of a restaurant without paying his bill and the owner came to your table and tried to get you to pay that guy’s bill. “Well, you were in the restaurant when it happened so I’m afraid you are stuck paying his bill.” No.

You are absolutely not responsible for anything someone else did. It doesn’t matter if you’re connected to them biologically, socially, or financially.

Everyone is responsible for their own actions.

Are there people on the other side who are in your soul family? Yes, there are energies on the other side with whom you share a stronger than average connection, and sometimes you may agree to incarnate together in the same biological family so you can interact with each other. But that’s a simple choice you make and has nothing to do with paying back a debt or paying a price.

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The choices you make determine your path through life. You are not paying back any debt of any kind. You enter this world free and clear of any choices you may have made in your own past life or any choices someone made with their past life. Enjoy the journey.

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