Why Having No Destiny Is the Best Thing Ever

I was doing a reading for a gal from India. She was 53 years old and she had never had a boyfriend, never been married, and was unhappy because she was so alone.

As we got to talking, she revealed that when she was a baby, the local astrologer came to the house to give her parents a summary of what her life would be like. The astrologer told her that it was her destiny to be single her entire life. The astrologer told her family to prevent her from ever connecting with a partner or it would violate her life plan.

The woman’s family followed the advice of their astrologer and never allowed their daughter to date. They drilled into her head from a young age that she would “ruin her destiny” if she ever dated or got married.

My client spent her life working whatever job she could get. She watched all her friends date, have fun, get married and have children. She had developed a serious and deep depression over her loneliness and didn’t feel like living any longer.

When her guides told her that there was no destiny and she could be with whomever she wanted, and experience joy, relationships, and love, it was like a wall came crumbling down around her and she started sobbing. It took her a while to accept that maybe the astrologer was wrong, and that maybe she wasn’t destined to be alone.

By the time the call was over, she was reborn. It was like she rebooted her entire life, and was super excited to begin dating. She was giddy with the possibilities and even had someone in mind she was attracted to.

She emailed me a year later to tell me she had dated several men and was having the time of her life. Her depression was gone and she was happy for the first time in her life.

You are not born with a destiny. You are born with infinite possibilities.

All the choices you make lead you down the path of your life and bring you to a destination you choose by your actions, will, and desire.

Free will is a gift. It allows you to create any reality you want.

It’s true that you are born with some intentions, some desires of certain things you’d like to experience. Sometimes those things happen and sometimes they don’t. That’s okay.

It’s like this… imagine you are planning a trip to Disneyland. You’re in the car with your family and talking excitedly about what rides you want to go on. You’ve even prioritized your list to make sure you get on the rides you most want to go on. Maybe it’s Pirates of the Caribbean. You arrive at Disneyland to find the ride is closed for maintenance. That’s a bummer. But there are plenty of other great rides you want to go on.

So you spend your time on those rides. Some were just as exciting as you thought they’d be, and some are nauseating and you’d never go on them again. Lesson learned.

You check in periodically with Pirates of the Caribbean and eventually find it’s back open! Huzzah! You get in the long line that has formed and wait patiently to get on this ride. When you’re done, maybe it was awesome, or maybe it wasn’t worth the time. Either way, you made choices, followed your dreams, and did the best you could to have a great experience.

That is life. You come with intentions, not a destiny. You can change your mind and go any direction you want at any time in your life. Or you can work really hard to manifest your intention.

Free yourself from the shackles of destiny. You are meant for anything you desire.

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