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How do you know if a sign is actually a sign?

I’ve written several articles about signs, signals, and synchronicities that your spirit guides send you to help guide you on your path.

The analogy I like to use is that of a maze. Imagine you are walking through a maze looking for something. At each juncture you can go left, right or straight, or you could even walk back the way you came. But you’re looking for … something. Something that will bring you joy.

Your spirit guides are above the maze, so they can see you walking, see you turning and making choices, and they can also see the location of what you’re after.

Being the helpful guides they are, they try to find ways to help you through the maze of life so you can get what you desire.

Signs come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe you’re wondering what college you should go to. Then you see a commercial for one of the colleges you’re considering. Is it a sign? Could be.

Maybe you’ve recently broken up with a girlfriend and you’re wondering about that girl from high school and how she’s doing. You used to have a crush on her. Out of the blue she friends you on Facebook. Is that a sign? Possibly.

Maybe you’re desperately looking for work and you go to a coffee shop to use your laptop to search for jobs, and an old boss walks in and asks you if you’d be willing to come back to work for him. Surely that’s a sign! Maybe.

I read for a lot of clients who ask me about the signs they are receiving from the universe and their guides. In a lot of cases it seems obvious that something is a sign. It basically lands right on your doorstep packaged in shiny paper and topped with a pretty bow.

But there is another side to signs that everyone needs to be aware of.

Sometimes signs are just the universe reflecting back to you what you’ve ordered from the restaurant of life.

I had a client say to me, “Last night I had a dream about my ex-boyfriend. The next day I saw him. He has a new girlfriend right now, but I think the dream was telling me to go after him because I miss him. Is that right? Do my guides want me to break them up so I can date him again?”

Another client says, “I was planning to take a bunch of business courses next semester but all of a sudden everyone is talking to me about psychology and I saw this show on TV all about psychologists and now I’m wondering if that’s my guides and the universe telling me I should change my major.”

And another client who said, “My car broke down on my way to meet this new girl. I figured it was the universe telling me she wouldn’t be right for me so I cancelled the date. Did I do the right thing?”

Sometimes it’s hard to tell when a circumstance or happening is a nudge from your guides or just your reticular activation system showing you what you expect or want to see. Or maybe your car broke down because you didn’t get the scheduled maintenance.

And really, you need to know the difference. If it’s a legit sign, you should probably follow it because your guides went to great lengths to give you directions in the maze of your life.

But if it’s not a sign from your guides you don’t want to turn the whole boat around and steer in another direction. That could be disastrous and make it take much longer to get what you desire.

So how do you determine if you should follow what you think is a sign or not?

The answer is joy.

When you think about what the “sign” is telling you, do you feel a sense of joy, excitement or relief? If so, follow it. Always follow the threads of joy in your life.

If you get a “sign” to change your major to psychology instead of business and it excites you or “just feels right” then do it.

The signs, signals, and synchronicities that come from your guides should come with a sense of excitement, joy, and/or relief. It should feel like making the decision will click something into place that should have been there all along. You will have a sudden rush of momentum behind the idea; a strong desire to take immediate action.

If you are considering breaking up someone’s relationship and that doesn’t feel good, don’t do it. Even if you really want to date that ex-boyfriend, if it makes you feel skeevy inside, don’t do it. Your guides would never send you information that causes you to have to take action that goes against your moral compass.

I’ll give you an example of a sign from my own life. I was driving down the freeway one day and saw a billboard that read “Who you gonna call?” and it made me think longingly of the days when I used to do paranormal investigations with a team here in Las Vegas. Everyone on that team moved away and I stopped doing investigations.

But on that day, on the freeway, when I read the sign, something clicked for me and I thought, “Man, I would love to do paranormal investigations again.” Twenty minutes later the person I was driving to see – someone I had never met – asked me if I would help her with a ghost problem she had. I literally had a case within 20 minutes of wanting to get back to doing paranormal investigations.

Within just a couple of days I had formed a new team. Those pieces landed in place magically as well. Two years later I am still with the same team and we have helped 2 dozen clients with their paranormal problems and are still going strong.

When you receive what you believe is a sign, run it through your joy filter. Ask yourself, “Is this a joyful thread I’d be following? Will going this direction bring me a sense of excitement? Or relief?”

Sometimes you’ve been going down a road that does not make you happy, for example you are married to someone and you are miserable in the relationship. You may get signs that make it seem like you should break up with your partner. That doesn’t always come with immense joy, but it will probably come with a sense of relief. “Yeah, I don’t want to kill this marriage but if I’m honest with myself, we lost our compatibility a long time ago and I’m just hanging on for appearances.”

So you start noticing commercials for divorce attorneys or you meet a divorce attorney at a charity benefit, and you start to wonder if perhaps the universe is guiding you towards a separation. You may not feel joy at the idea of going through a complicated divorce, but if you really check in with yourself you will likely feel a sense of relief; the same kind of relief you might feel if you’ve been wandering around lost in a forest and you suddenly find the road you know will lead back to your car.

Your guides want you to have what you desire, and they want you to find what brings you joy. They will constantly be broadcasting information designed to help you get what you want. Even if sometimes you have to walk through a dark patch to get it, they will guide you to something that will make you happier.

So as you receive intuitive nudges from the universe, run them through your filters. “Will this make me happy? Will this bring me relief? Am I excited by this idea? Is this a correction I should have made long ago?”

Always follow your bliss. Release what isn’t working and embrace the possibilities of a new path.

And if you’re not sure if what you’re getting is a real sign, you can ask your guides through me during a session. Your guides will tell you directly what you most need to know to help you on your path.

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