Do We Retain Any Skills or Personality Traits from One Life to the Next?

As I’ve been doing past life readings for clients, I’ve gotten a lot of questions from people similar to this: “Do I have to relearn the same lessons over when I come back to Earth or will a part of me remember what I learned so I don’t have to go through it again?”

It’s a good question.

If you are a very compassionate and kind person in this life, is there a chance you could come back in the next life and be mean-spirited, hurtful, or unkind?

If you learn in this life how important it is to tell your loved ones that you love them, could you come back in another life and forget that lesson and have to learn it, painfully, all over again?

If you were a master healer in this life, will you retain that knowledge in the next?

If you were a virtuoso musician, will you automatically have innate music talent in the next life?

It’s taken me a while to sort through the concept, talk to ascended masters and celestial beings on the other side, and see examples of it in these past lives I’m getting, but this is what I believe happens.

When you are born, you forget who you were/are. It’s a blank slate. Your family and then your peers and yourself determine what beliefs and actions you will adopt.

There are cultures on the Earth today who raise their children to believe that killing other people is not just a good thing but a command from their God. So if you are in that sort of culture, you will grow up believing what you are told.

If, in a previous life, however, you came to the conclusion that all life is sacred and murdering anyone is wrong, then you might have some misgivings about what the current culture is teaching you. But it’s a nature vs nurture question. Since you can’t actively remember what a lovely person you were in a past life, you could easily succumb to group pressure to hate a certain group of people.

Let’s talk about talent though. From what I can tell, if you were like a virtuoso musician, then in your next life you will be more easily able to pick up that skill. You’ve got a leg up. Same with singing, art, dancing, and things of that nature.

It’s the same with intuition and psychic abilities. I have seen this when I’ve done several past life readings for the same person. If you had strong intuitive gifts in previous lives, you are way more inclined to have them in this life, unless of course you are raised to believe those gifts are not real, then you might suppress them.

So with talents and skills, I do think those carry forward from life to life.

But your actions and your choices are more influenced by how you are being raised and the experiences you have and the choices you make. From that sense you may need to relearn a lesson your past self has already learned.

I would like to think no matter what person I come back as, she will be kind, caring and compassionate. But I know there is no guarantee on that. I do believe that I have and will continue to have strong intuition and empathy skills no matter what life I’m in. I believe that’s a part of my higher self’s nature and will carry into any life.

So to sum up, you could be the kindest person in this life and come back into a family that trains you to kill from a young age. Chances are you would have some hesitation, but your new family and culture can override that.

But if you were Mozart and you come back to Earth, I’d put money on you being able to pick up the piano pretty fast.

Or maybe Einstein will come back and be the kid in class who just intuitively gets physics the first time he hears it and kills the bell curve. 😉

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