Should You Consult a Psychic for Medical Advice?

Since 2006 I’ve been reading for people all over the world. As an intuitive counselor, my specialty is helping people determine what to do next to have a fulfilling and joyful life.

When a client books a session with me, they are allowed and encouraged to ask me about anything they want help with. Sometimes people ask about a medical situation.

Being that I am not a doctor, how can I reasonably give any medical advice to someone, and is that even ethical?

When someone asks me a question… any question… I turn to their guides for the answer, not my own knowledge or experience. I listen to what the guides say and pass it along to the client. In that sense, I am just a channel, passing along what someone else says to me.

People ask legal questions, financial questions, and medical questions of their guides all the time. I have learned to simply channel the answer and not insert any of my own thoughts or feelings into the answer.

But is it a good idea to ask a psychic about something which could be a life or death situation?

My answer is that you can utilize a professional intuitive to get an indication of what is going on with you and then you must follow that up with a visit to a qualified physician. Always go to an expert. A psychic is NOT an expert in medicine unless they also happen to have an M.D.

There are medical intuitives out there, which are psychics who specialize in giving medical advice, and those folks usually have a background in medicine so they understand how to interpret the energy sent by a spirit guide.

That being said, I have had some great success when it comes to medical intuition. In one case, the guides told my client she had a tumor on a very specific gland in her body, and that it was extremely urgent she get it checked by a doctor as soon as possible. This client told her doctor to check that gland and sure enough the doctor found a tumor on that gland and told her she would have been dead in about a month if they didn’t find it.

In another reading, a client’s guides told me the client had esophageal cancer and she would be dead in 4 months. That was a huge piece of information and I wasn’t sure how to express that to the client. When we got on the phone I told her, “So your guides are extremely concerned about your esophagus. Have you had it checked recently?” The gal said “I have esophageal cancer, I already know about it, and I know I don’t have long to live.” That was a tough call because her guides basically told me she was going to die and I was pretty upset to hear that, but I have an agreement with the guides that I will always pass along what they tell me to say.

Because I don’t have a strong medical background, the way information comes to me of a medical nature is that the guides show me the outline of a person’s body and then put a big red X over the part of the body that is ailing. Then they tell me if the problem is structural or chemical or hormonal or whatever it is. I can say to a client, “There is a chemical imbalance in your thyroid system, have the doctor look into that more fully.”

I also had a client who had severe mercury poisoning. She mentioned that mercury poisoning is not tested for in her country but her guides were adamant she had it. She found a doctor who was willing to do the test and sure enough that’s what she had.

What you should never do is rely solely on the advice of a psychic for a medical diagnosis. That would be foolish and risky. That’s like going to a chef and asking about your finances. Maybe the chef has a strong financial background, but once you get their advice you should always run it past a financial expert.

In summary, it’s okay to use a psychic to get clues to your condition, but then you must see a medical expert to get a solid, verifiable diagnosis. The psychic can often shave months off the diagnostic process by pinpointing an area and a cause, so working together seems like a great way to maximize your health.

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