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Are Guides Ever Surprised By What You Do?

A reader asked me this question: “Do my guides know what I’m going to do before I do it? Can they see things that are going to happen to me? If so, will they warn me if something bad is going to happen or are they actually the ones who arranged it? Am I able to take a path they weren’t anticipating?”

Your spirit guides are beings assigned to you before you are born who guide, nudge, and assist you on your life’s journey. They know what you intended to do before you incarnated and they try to help you get where you wanted to go. They inspire, motivate, encourage. They know you extremely well and do their best to provide you with the best practical advice and assistance that they can.

But we also have free will. We are allowed to make any choice we desire. Sometimes we make choices that lead to great and positive outcomes, and sometimes we do things we wish we hadn’t. Free will trumps any plans you may have had before you were born.

Your guides do not and cannot “make” you do anything. They can’t force you to make a good decision and they aren’t forcing you to make a bad decision. They are watching you walk through the maze of life and they can see the entire maze. So they know when you are walking away from what you desire and they can see when you are walking towards what you desire.

When they see you walking towards a desire, they get excited, and they send signals to you designed to let you know that you are on track to get what you desire.

When they see you take a turn that is going to lead to something you don’t desire, they will send signals designed to let you know you just took a wrong turn. Examples of these signals include: A sinking feeling in your gut, a sudden knowing that you’re making the wrong decision for yourself, people coming into your life suddenly with information that helps you realize you’re taking a wrong turn, everything going haywire and preventing you from taking steps down the wrong path.

But your spirit guides cannot control your actions. So even if you get a sinking feeling in your gut, you may ignore the sensation and continue down the wrong road. They will continue to try to get you back on a path that leads to a desire, so if you’re watching for those signals you’ll notice them.

They never plan for bad things to happen, not even to teach you a lesson. You encounter bad things when you make choices that lead to negative consequences.

Are they surprised by your actions sometimes? Sure. They don’t know what decision you’re going to make because you have free will. You may be going in a really positive direction and suddenly a new man comes into your life and you drop your career and college plans to go be with him for a while. Your guides are in the ether saying, “Doh! She just dropped out of school for that guy. We need a meeting.”

Their job is to try to help you find your bliss. When you go off trajectory, they adjust their tactics and keep trying to get you to go down the path that leads to your joy.

I’ve done some readings for people who are absolutely on the right track and heading in a great direction. If they just keep following the path laid out before them, they will find their joy. And I have to tell you that those guides of that person are ecstatic. There is a palpable sense of relief in them. They are kicking back, watching things unfold and saying, “Great job, Karen. You’ve got this. Just keep right on coasting on this path. Nothing is going to stop you now.”

Then you’ve got the guides who have their work cut out for them. When I tune in during a reading they might be like, “Well, Karen quit her job, has no savings, and is living on her sister’s couch. She thinks she wants to be a movie star, but that’s not going to make her happy. We’re trying to remind her of her real desire which is to help people with their self-esteem. See what you can do, Erin.”

Your guides will never abandon you. They will always work on your behalf to remind you what your path to joy looks like. It’s up to you to hear them and take action. And if you’re not quite sure what they want you to know, you can talk to your guides through me and we’ll find out together.

Your guides want to hand you the map so you can easily find your way to your goals. Your life doesn’t have to be difficult. Use the map.

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