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The One Thing Deceased People Want You to Know

I’ve read for thousands of clients all over the world and I’ve spoken to many deceased loved ones in the course of those readings. People always want to know if their deceased loved one “made it” to the other side and if they are happy. Spoiler alert: They made it and yes, they are happy.

But have you ever wondered what the dead want the living to know? Because there is one thing they all say they wish living humans would do.

What is it?

They want you to have fun. They want you to enjoy the journey. They want you to live in a state of joy as often as possible. To have fun, to frolic even. To laugh, to share good times with friends. To explore the opportunities that bring you joy. To connect with the people who bring your happiness.

They want this for you because once they get to the other side they remember what the purpose of life is. To enjoy this creation.

They don’t want you to over work, they don’t want you to be stressed. They don’t want you to suffer emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually.

We’re not here to suffer or be in pain. We’re not here to feel sad, to hurt, to despair.

And yes, of course, they know people do experience those things. Earth was originally designed to be a vacation destination, but at some point people started fighting about resources, religion, and who gets to be King.

It wasn’t meant to be that way and it doesn’t have to be that way now.

The dead know that Earth has become a complicated place. And they know that carving out joy can sometimes be difficult. But their prescription remains the same.

Find joy. Hold on to it.

In the end it won’t matter how much money you had, in what field you worked, or even what you accomplished. When you get to the other side you will measure your success in this life by how much joy you felt and how much joy you brought to others.

So when your dead family members tell you to have fun and enjoy life, they are not being flippant. They are giving you the secret to a successful journey on Earth.

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