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You Are Keanu Reeves… Whoa!

Okay so I was sleeping the other night, having myself a lovely dream, where I was tooling along with not a care in the world.

Suddenly, Keanu Reeves came running up to me and said “I know you!”

I’m like, “Uh, how do you know me?”

He said, “Because I AM you. Or at least I will be. Soon.”

That was confusing. He ran off, sort of crazed, and started grabbing people by the shoulders and saying basically the same thing. “I know you! I AM you!”

Then he disappeared into the crowd.

A bunch of us sort of looked at each other and wondered if we should call someone. But there was nothing to be done. Keanu had lost his grip on reality and was running around crazed and delirious. Poor guy.

A few minutes later, Keanu came back and stood in front of me. He said, “Quick, tell me what year it is!”

I said “Well it’s 2017.”

He said “Excellent. I like 2017.”

I said, “Dude, what’s going on with you?”

He said, “Listen. You see me as Keanu Reeves right now, right?”

I said, “Yes, and I like your movies, bro. Really fun and interesting.”

He chuckled and said, “That’s nice, but what I’m trying to tell you is that right now I am Keanu Reeves, but I’m really not just Keanu Reeves. I’m everyone.”

I said, “You’re what now?”

He said, “None of us are ourselves. We are all everybody.”

I said, “That didn’t make it more clear, bro.”

He said, “I’m being moved through time, but not just time, I’m living every life that has ever existed, from the beginning of time to way out in your perceived future. I’m everyone. I’m YOU! You just don’t remember yet.”

I said, “Slow down for a second. Let me wrap my head around that.”

He said, “I’m not just one person having one life at a time. After I live a life, I am transported to another life in the same time period. I’ve been literally millions of people and right now I’m Keanu Reeves. I am every person who ever lived. There is just ONE soul experiencing all these possible lifetimes.”

“That’s pretty deep,” I said.

“Right? I’m looking at you now and I know that you’re me. Well, at least, at some point you will be me. I’ll be you. We’re not just connected, we are all there is. And because I know that I’m going to experience every single life, I would really like to create a world where people aren’t hurting each other because at some point or another I will have to experience the pain another one of me inflicted on me. Does that make sense?”

I understood what he was saying but it was a lot to take in. I’d always believed we were all connected, of course, but for a minute I wondered what it would be like if we really were just one soul having all these lives and one day we became aware we were just one soul having all these lives. How differently would we behave towards each other?

How would we set up the planet knowing we had to live in the majority and minority of it? In the good and the bad? In the place of privilege and in the place of poverty?

Keanu had a sort of crazed look in his eyes and he said “I gotta go. I need to wake people up, so we can co-create a beautiful planet together. ”

And then he ran off again into the crowd, looking at people intently, like he was looking in a mirror.

I woke up after that and contemplated the dream. It’s an interesting idea. Could we be just one soul living every single life? How would you change your behavior knowing you had to live every life you saw on the planet today?

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