Will This Life Be Your Last Life?

I was doing a reading the other day for this gal who said, “I went to a psychic a year ago and she told me this was my last life, that I had learned all my lessons and after I died I would never have to come back to Earth. Can you verify whether that’s true?”

No, it’s not true. It’s not true for anyone.

Who decides if you will reincarnate? It’s not God or Source. It’s you. You decide if you will come back to Earth just as you decide if you will take a vacation to the Caribbean or switch career paths. No one is going to force you to come back here. You decide whether you want to experience the gift of life again or not.

Coming back to Earth in another life is not based on karma or learning lessons. It’s not punishment to incarnate. It’s a gift. It’s a gift you give yourself when you want to experience a third density body and eat ice cream again. 😉

You don’t come here to learn lessons, though you will learn while you are here of course. You can’t help that. You will also teach, you can’t help that either.

So the only thing that determines if you are on your last life or not is whether you decide you want to come here again. If you do, great. If you don’t, that’s fine too.

No one and nothing can make you reincarnate against your will.

Most souls are eager to come to Earth. It’s a playground, an adventure, an opportunity to experience something you can’t experience as pure energy. But no one is forced to come here.

At this point most people tell me, “Well then I’m never coming back. Life is hard and the world sucks and if I don’t have to come back here, then I won’t!”

To which I say, “You won’t really understand what a gift life is until you slough off the character you’re playing and go back to the ether. Then you will see that a trip to Earth is like winning the lottery. And you will probably want to come back again.”

But it’s up to you. This is only your last life if YOU decide it’s your last life. And you won’t make that decision until you are back Home. So enjoy this life while you have it. And have a little ice cream. 😉

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