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Are You Going to Tell Me Something Bad?

A lot of people write to me with a variation on this question: “I’d really like to get a psychic reading from you, but I’m so afraid you’re going to tell me something I don’t want to hear, or you’re going to tell me about something bad that’s going to happen to me. Is there any way you can just tell me the good stuff?”

This is a great question and one that I’ve received countless times. Here’s the deal…

When I became a professional intuitive I made a deal with the other side that I would pass along what they tell me, that I would not insert my own opinions into the reading, and that I would not judge the life circumstances or decisions of any of my clients.

I am simply a translator. I ask the guides questions, they give me a response, and I pass it along to my client.

But my psychic specialty is being an intuitive counselor. That means that my goal is to provide you with wisdom and insight from the other side that will help you on your path. The advice your guides give is usually very practical. And if you follow the advice your guides give you, you should end up finding fulfillment and joy.

Your guides are not going to say “Hey, you’re going to lose your job next Tuesday.” If they see you headed for trouble, they are going to give you the solution, not just tell you the problem . So that might come through as this: “So your guides are saying you’re having some difficulty at work. You’re late, you’re not turning in solid work anymore and you’re pre-occupied most of the time and can’t focus. What they want you to know about this situation is that you’re no longer a vibrational match for this job, and they would love to see you pursuing your music career full time. They know you hate this job and you can’t just suddenly become a music star, so they are making a recommendation that you leave this particular job and get an easy, stable, job that pays the bills so you can concentrate on your music more easily. They’re showing me you have an open door offer with your cousin, Bill, to work in his music store. Work there while you promote your music.”

A proper and ethical psychic would never tell you that something bad was going to happen, but if they saw you on a trajectory that would likely lead to a negative outcome for you, they will tell you how to avoid the bad situation. That’s one of the best reasons to consult a professional intuitive, actually, because they can help you avoid situations you’d rather not experience and help guide you to a path that is more joyful and fulfilling.

If you are going to psychics who are telling you that you are cursed or that bad things are coming, stop going to those psychics. They are not ethical and the future is not set in stone anyway.

Your intuitive consultant is there to help you reach the joy. Avail yourself of the opportunity to get through the trials and tribulations of life a little easier by consulting with someone who can help you, not scare you.

You can book a reading with me anytime and we’ll find out what your guides most want you to know to help you on your path.

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