Is God Punishing Us With Hurricanes?

It’s September 10, 2017 as I write this and Texas just suffered the effects of Hurricane Harvey and Florida is getting hammered by Hurricane Irma. Apparently there are 2 more hurricanes nearby as well. This has prompted a lot of people to email me and proclaim that God is angry with us and is using the hurricanes to punish humanity for our ungodly ways. Others are emailing me to ask how we can appease God so he will stop causing natural disasters to kill people.

Let me be clear. God does not cause natural disasters. God does not send natural disasters to cleanse humanity or kill people. God has nothing to do with the weather.

Our planet is a third density piece of matter. It’s physical and responds to physical laws. When a natural disaster happens, it is just that… natural. Tectonic shifts cause earthquakes and tsunamis. Hurricanes are caused by wind swirling in a circle. Floods happen when too much rain pounds the earth at any one time. Lightning strikes can cause fires in dry brush that take out thousands of acres of land.

God is not sitting up in Heaven waving his hand and saying, “I’m tired of looking at Florida. Someone wipe it off the map for me please.”

We are physical beings living on a physical planet and physical things are going to happen from time to time. The weather doesn’t know we’re here. The hurricane isn’t out to kill anyone. It forms, it moves, it eventually burns itself out.

There is no supernatural explanation for weather and natural disasters.

Other people write with this one, “Maybe God made the hurricane so people could come together and help each other. You know, to show us our humanity.”

Equally wrong. Yes, natural disasters bring out the good in people. People are inherently good, and when large groups of people suffer, other large groups of people help out. That’s natural right there.

The best we can do is realize we live in a physical world, maybe not build our homes below sea level or on a fault line, and prepare for any emergency or disaster that may come our way. When nature is doing her thing, get out of the way.

But no one is being punished. And no one on the other side is deciding to kill anyone. Stuff happens.

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