The Joyful Notary

A few weeks ago I walked into my bank to close on a refinance and sign all the papers. I was there early just kicking it in a chair when someone from the bank notified me that the notary had arrived but we were still waiting for my mortgage guy.

The notary, Connie, came by to introduce herself and said if I wanted to we could get started. I was all for that because I hate waiting and time is very valuable to me. So we stepped into an office to begin.

I noticed right away that Connie’s energy was amazing. If most people I run across have auras like coal or stone, Connie’s aura was radiating diamonds. She was so bright and shiny I needed some ethereal sunglasses just to look at her.

As we got going, Connie was all smiles and cracking jokes. It only took a minute or two for her vibration to permeate my own stressed out energy and I found my energy lifting. I started joking around with Connie and before long we had this funny repartee going that was making us both laugh really hard.

I wanted to be with Connie forever. She was water for a thirsty soul. I hadn’t felt that good in months. All my cares and stress melted away while I was with Connie. I felt better physically and emotionally.

I took a closer look at Connie’s energy and discovered that all her chakras were wide open and emanating intense light. Where most people can’t handle having their chakras that wide open, I could tell that this was Connie’s natural state. She could have spiritually fed thousands of people with her light and not experienced any depletion herself. Also rare.

When the mortgage broker finally showed up, he came in stressed and harried because he was late. He introduced himself to Connie and I saw her magic start working on him too. He went from stressed to laughing and smiling in about 30 seconds.

As we were wrapping up I found myself alone with Connie again and she asked me what I did for a living. Usually I tell people I’m a writer, but my guides told me it was okay to tell Connie that I’m a professional intuitive, an intuitive counselor. She paused for like 3 seconds, looked around the bank to see if anyone could hear us, and then leaned in to me and whispered, “I knew you were a sister. I’m an intuitive myself.”

We started chatting about intuition and guides and she asked about my website so I gave her the url.

As I was leaving the bank, I paused to wonder why Connie was a notary when I could see very clearly she was a light worker. Her guides jumped in to my thoughts and said, “Do you know how many new people Connie meets in a day? In a year? She’s raising vibrations and spreading joy to new people every single day. That is her gift. She spreads this light at the grocery store, the DMV, the post office, anywhere she goes where there are people. She’s a walking oasis of energy for the soul.”

I love Connie. She impacted me. Being in her light was extraordinary, so much so that I wanted to tell you all about Connie.

Is there someone you know, someone in your life, that raises people’s vibrations just by being in the room? Those people are gifts to humanity. They are priceless.

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