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Do These 4 Things to Prepare Yourself for the Afterlife

Are you prepared to die? I’m not talking about funeral arrangements and wills, though you should have those ducks in a row before you croak. Of just as much importance, is preparing your soul to cross over. There are some things you can do now that will make your death and afterlife experience better for you and your loved ones. Here we go.

Tell Them You Love Them
One of the first things a deceased person tells a living person during a mediumship reading is, “Tell them I love them.” It’s almost cliché but it really is the most important thing your deceased loved ones want you to hear. And many of them tell me they regret not saying it more while they were alive.

Not everyone goes to a medium after a loved one dies, so not every spirit gets to come back and express that love. Do yourself and your loved ones a huge favor and tell them that you love them before you die. Say it by phone, text, email or in person but get it done. You will wish you had.

I have said this to my kids on several occasions, “When I’m dead I don’t want you wondering how I felt about you. You need to know that I love you both so much and nothing will ever change that. When I leave this Earth, my love for you will still be there, you never have to wonder. My love for you is unconditional and eternal.” They think it’s sappy, but when death takes me, my kids won’t wonder how I felt, which is a huge source of anguish in a lot of people I read for.

When you cross over and go through your life review, you’re going to be presented with events and activities from your life, some good, some bad. You are going to see the effect you had on others and how your actions made them feel. While you aren’t responsible for how a person feels, you are still going to experience what they felt.

You will wish that you had taken the time to atone and make amends while you were still alive, because once you are dead you can feel all the regret you want, but you won’t be able to reach a person to apologize for your actions. Do it now, while you are still alive and your afterlife experience will be vastly better.

Forgive Yourself
I can’t stress this one enough. When you cross over you are going to forgive yourself for every mistake you feel like you made. Let me repeat that, you are definitely, absolutely, positively going to forgive yourself. You will understand that you did the best you could with what you had at the time. The same way you forgive a child for spilling milk on the carpet, you will forgive yourself for the actions you wish you hadn’t taken. In the grand scheme of eternity, you will realize there was no need to beat yourself up over something so small, and it’s all small.

If you are going to forgive yourself after you die, please try to forgive yourself while you live, so that you can spare yourself the anxiety and stress of hating yourself or being angry with yourself. That doesn’t mean you get a free pass to murder someone, “I’ll just murder that bloke over there and then forgive myself because Erin told me I could.”

No. It means looking at your past and forgiving yourself for things you wish you hadn’t done. Give yourself permission to move on. Just say to yourself, “I wish I hadn’t done that. I sincerely regret it, but I can’t change it or undo the past so I promise to do better going forward. I forgive myself for who I was and what I did back then.”

This will make your current life and your afterlife much better.

Do Everything You Want to Do
No one gets to the other side and says “I wish I had spent more time at the office.” When you get to the other side you are going to realize what a tremendous gift it was to have a physical body and be incarnated on Earth. You are going to wish you had utilized your body in every way that gave you joy, and you are going to wish you had done everything you ever wanted to do because your next incarnation (if you choose to have one) could be very far off.

Climb the mountain. Visit the ocean. Have the sex. Spend time frolicking and playing. Use your body. Use your mind. Dance around the bonfire. Have close friends. Laugh, play, and let loose. You are in this body for a short period of time. Don’t get so bogged down with making a living that you forget to make a life. Have fun!

When you cross over, it’s going to feel like you’ve been out playing in the park all day and your mom called you in for dinner. It will feel like going home after a nice day out with your friends.

Prepare yourself for the journey home by remembering to treat yourself and others with kindness, respect, and compassion while you are here. It will make a huge difference when you get to the afterlife.

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