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The One List You Need to Make Right Now

We all know that life has its ups and downs. Some days everything goes your way, and sometimes the day pulls you under and you feel like you will never be happy again.

That’s when you need to pull out your list… a list of things that will raise your vibration.

It’s different for everyone. When I’m worried, stressed, or dealing with a problem, I reach out to certain friends who are very supportive and intelligent. They help me find the opportunities in the setbacks.

I also like to go for a long drive because my spirit guides tend to give me wisdom when I’m driving long stretches of empty road.

I also like to take a long hot bath, which soothes my nerves while also freeing my mind to receive wisdom.

Sometimes I play with my cats or just pet them for a half hour. This totally relaxes me and resets my mind to find solutions instead of dwelling on problems.

Or I watch a favorite TV show or listen to some powerful relaxation music.

When I do these things, I am able to more easily release the stress I’m feeling and find a solution to my problems.

It’s important and helpful to make such a list for yourself so that when the stress hits or you’re feeling very low, you can look at the list and pick something that you know will soothe you or empower you or put you back into a state of personal power.

In my audio program, Raising Your Vibration, I go over 10 ways you can raise your vibration in less than 10 minutes. Some of the ideas in there include singing, dancing, soaking in hot water, and meditation.

But raising your vibration is not only about soothing yourself, it’s about releasing the problem so you can find a solution. It’s about finding your center again. It’s about putting yourself in a state of joy because from that state your solutions will be more aligned with a successful outcome.

Don’t wait until you are down to begin thinking about how to get back up. If you have a list handy you can check it, find something appealing and that fits your particular mood and problem, and run that program.

Before long, you will naturally gravitate towards activities and actions that raise your vibration, making the low points in your life much shorter.

What’s on your list? What soothes you or brings you back to a state of positive energy? Make your list and keep it somewhere handy. Pull out the list the next time you’re feeling down or you’ve had a setback and do something on your list. See what happens.

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