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How Suicidal Thoughts Look Energetically and How to Overcome Suicidal Feelings

I’ve done readings for hundreds of people who were suicidal and there are commonalities in their energy. I want to share how it looks and then share some thoughts about what to do if you feel suicidal.

The Chakras
When I’m looking at the chakras (energy centers in the body) of people who are suicidal, instead of big balls of bright light, I see little pinpricks of light. They are about the size of a pinhead. The light is growing dimmer. It’s like candle flames that are barely hanging on to the oxygen they have left, and they could go out at any moment.

Additionally, in the body of a person who is not suicidal, their chakras usually touch each other, each light feeding into the light of the next chakra, creating an unbroken chain of energy that connects each aspect of a person’s life to the next.

But in the body of a suicidal person, the chakras are no longer touching or connected to each other, so they are not supporting life as easily. There is no flow. There is separation of the energy. Life systems break down, for example, a suicidal person may be experiencing a loss of stability and certainty (root chakra) or they may have lost their sense of personal power (sacral chakra) or they may feel completely disconnected from Source energy (crown chakra).

The disconnection makes it that much harder to overcome the suicidal thoughts and find solid emotional footing again.

Another way I see suicidal energy in a person is through clairvoyant metaphors. The guides will show me symbolic images of a person’s current state. An example of what I might see in someone who is suicidal is a person hanging over a cliff, clutching a rope, and their strength is failing. They can’t “hang on” to the rope any longer and are considering letting go completely and falling to their death. This is an obvious metaphor.

Or I will sometimes see a person walking through the maze of life selecting new paths as they go, but with a suicidal person I see them sitting against a wall, knees to their chest, in the dark, crying, afraid, and alone. They cannot see a way through the dark maze and have given up and are just sitting there.

The metaphors clue me in to my client’s energetic state and when I see metaphors such as these I know my client is suicidal and ready to let go.

Energetic Cords
Additionally, everyone has energetic cords around their bodies that connect us to other people. Cords connecting us to those we love are usually strong, bright and pulsing with a beautiful energy. The cords I see around suicidal people are limp, listless, fading in light, and disconnecting from others. It’s as though there isn’t enough strength in them to hang on to those they love or who may love them.

Angelic Energy
Sometimes I see energy coming from angelic beings, wrapping a suicidal person in protective energy, trying to infuse them with strength and the will to live. Angels give us love, support, and comfort during times of great emotional distress. Suicidal people always have angelic energy around them, but they don’t always feel it or know it. Angels hold our souls and carry us when we feel we can no longer carry ourselves.

How to Overcome Suicidal Feelings Using this Information
While it’s important to address the real world physical conditions of why a person feels suicidal, such as loss of income, loss of love, painful health conditions, you can also address suicidal thoughts energetically.

Chakras – Do a meditation to infuse your chakras with greater energy and power. Concentrate on each chakra and expand it with energy. So for example let’s take the root chakra which is related to security, stability, and abundance. As you expand this chakra, feel what it would feel like to feel safe, secure, and abundant. Pull those thoughts into your body, feel the relief you would feel if you had that safety and security.

Go up to the next chakra and do the same, and keep going until you have your chakras full of energy again and touching. You should feel more empowered and better able to face the real world problems.

I like to imagine I’m fueling up my chakras by attaching a hose from Source energy into each chakra and filling up, so to speak. I draw upon universal energy (which is infinite) and pull that energy into my body. This is good practice even if you’re not feeling suicidal, but it’s an excellent way to reconnect your chakras and get them working for you if you do feel suicidal.

Metaphorically – First try to get a vision of how you’re feeling by receiving a metaphorical symbolic representation of your current state. Let’s use the example of being at the end of your rope as you hang over the cliff. Take the image and bend it to your will. See yourself infused with physical strength and pulling your way up the rope and getting back onto stable ground.

Or see yourself growing wings and flying up into the sky, with strength, with purpose, with renewed energy.

Use the metaphor to change your trajectory. Feel the power and energy that the new metaphor creates inside you. This will help you find new ways of solving real world problems because you will feel more resourceful.

Energetic cords – imagine infusing your current cords with a ton of white light energy and sending that energy through the cord to each person you love in your life. Reinforce the energetic connection by calling and reaching out to those you love and who you know love you. Let those people infuse you with strength, new purpose, and support.

If you feel so alone that you don’t have anyone to connect with, attach the cords to Source and strengthen the cord with white light energy. This will help you feel supported, loved, and not so alone.

Angelic energy – Sit quietly and tune in to the angelic energy around you. You may feel chills or tingles in your body. Some people feel themselves wrapped in a feathery embrace. You may feel power and strength infusing you. The angelic energy is there, and the more you can see it, feel it, and know it, the more strength you will gain. But no matter what, you have angels holding you whether you notice them or not. They are always there and will not abandon you.

A good intuitive can help you reconnect the pieces of your life and help you restore your energy and will to live. So if you do these exercises on your own and don’t feel better, or if you have trouble doing the exercises, consider booking a reading with me so you can talk to your guides about what needs to happen for you to get back up and into life again. I’ve helped many people find their way through the maze and I would love to help you as well.

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