How to Know If Your Spirit Guides are Listening to You

When I do readings for my clients, often they want to know why their spirit guides are not responding to their wishes and desires. “Do my guides even know what I want? Can they hear me? Why aren’t they bringing me what I’m asking for?”

How can you tell if your spirit guides are paying attention to you? How do you know if they are really listening?

Your guides are ALWAYS listening to you. They’ve got their ethereal radio station tuned to your broadcast and they hear you 24/7. There is literally no time at all in which your guides tune you out. Not even during their weekly Bingo game.

You are their number 1 priority all day, every day. They can hear you when you think about them, when you meditate, when you cast angry thoughts at them (not cool, people), when you yell, scream and cry at your lot in life… they hear you.

They love you. They would never turn a blind eye or ear to you and your plight.

But here’s what you need to know…

They aren’t magicians and they aren’t genies. They are not fairy godmothers who can wave their magic wands and get you some fly glass slippers and a prince all in one night.

Your spirit guides are on your side. They are always working to bring you what you’ve ordered from the universe. It may feel like they are not paying attention to you if you are not getting what you want, but that’s never the case.

Sometimes they have to move, nudge, and cajole a person, situation, or resource before it can be dropped on your door step.

Sometimes you say you want something, but they can see you’re not a vibrational match for it, and their hands are tied until you become a vibrational match for what you say you desire.

Sometimes they can see you want something that is going to take you on a path you won’t really want, and perhaps they’re not in a hurry to bring you what you asked for. Perhaps they instead work on helping you see why you don’t want the lying, cheating, scumbag to come back into your life.

What you want to do is work hand in hand with your guides. Get back in touch with your reason for incarnating, define what a joyful life is to you, and then ask for things to help you get that joy. If you don’t remember why you incarnated, you can ask your guides during a reading with me and they will tell you.

Be kind to your guides. Don’t yell at them. Don’t threaten to dismiss them, don’t blame them for your life circumstances. They are always working in your best interests. Sometimes it just doesn’t look that way from where you’re standing, but trust me, there is nothing they want more for you than your happiness.

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