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4 Signs You’re Living Your Life’s Purpose

Before you incarnated you made a conscious decision to come to Earth. No one sent you here against your will. You looked at the playground of humanity and said “Yes, it’s time. I want to go.”

People come to Earth for many reasons. Some souls come here to experience physicality since they don’t experience it on the other side. Some people come to make an impact on the planet, to launch humanity in a new direction. Some people come to explore relationships and love. Some come to share time with another spirit whom they care about.

There are many reasons a higher self chooses to take a physical form and come to Earth. Some people call that a life purpose. I prefer to call it an intention, because once you get here you have no direct control over the outcome of your life. Free will causes you to continuously choose one path over another; there are many branches that lead to the top of a tree.

But there are ways you can tell that you are living in alignment with the intention you set for yourself before you incarnated. Here are the signs.

Happiness and Joy
When you are doing what you came here to do it’s going to feel really good. You’re going to feel happiness and joy in your daily life. For some people that’s going to be getting up every day and going to work in a lab as they look for a cure for a disease. For others it’s going to be having no job, no responsibilities, and getting to just kick back and enjoy the planet.

No matter what your life intention was, a sign that you’ve achieved it is that you have internal joy and happiness. If you don’t have internal joy and happiness, you probably aren’t living in alignment with your life intention.

When you’re living in alignment with your life intention, it’s going to feel really fulfilling. You won’t be able to think of anything else you’d rather be doing. You will feel a sense of gratitude that you get to do what you’re doing, and you wouldn’t easily give it up. You have a sense of accomplishment that won’t go away.

An Effortless Climb
When you are on the “right path” you’re going to notice that it seems effortless. You get the next promotion with ease. Opportunities seem to land right in your lap. You make discoveries easily. You seem to randomly run into people who can help you on your path at just the right time.

When you are living in alignment with your intention, you’re getting a ton of help from the other side. Doors are swinging open because your guides don’t have to stop your momentum.

In other words, if you’re going against your life intention, you’re going to be blocked and it will feel like a struggle. But when you are living your intention, your guides pump more energy into your success because it’s what you desire. It will feel effortless.

Do you wake up each morning excited to get on about your day? Do you love Mondays because it means you get to go back to doing what you love? Along with happiness, joy, and fulfillment you’re going to feel super excited by what you’re doing. Excitement is a sign that you’re on a good path. Use your level of excitement as a barometer to determine if you’re heading in a good direction. If you’re not excited, you’ve veered off path. Start thinking about what would excite you, and make an effort to move in that direction.

What if you’re wildly off path?
You’ll know you’re not even close to fulfilling your life intention if you are experiencing dread, panic, anxiety, or sadness about the things happening in your life, whether that’s in your work, your relationships, or your lifestyle.

You did not come here to suffer, to settle, to endure hardship. Use your free will to change your course. If you’re sitting on a bus and you think it’s taking you to California but you find out the bus is going to Indiana, don’t stay on the bus. Get off at the next stop and find yourself a way to get to California.

If you don’t listen to your intuition, if you ignore the dread and sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, you will not have a happy, fulfilling life. You are not stuck unless you decide to be stuck.

Tap into what would make you ridiculously happy, excited and fulfilled and start moving towards it. The journey itself should feel awesome!

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