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What Happens to the Souls of People Who Were Murdered?

What happens to the souls of people with an untimely death, like a murder? – Gail

There are many ways to leave this Earth aren’t there? You can die peacefully in your sleep when you’re 92, you can have an accident when you’re 36, you can die of cancer, heart attack, or stroke, etc.

As my father is fond of saying, “You’re not getting out of here alive.”

When a person dies unexpectedly, they are given the exact same options as the person who knows death is coming. That means they are released from their physical body, ascend back to the ether, greet loved ones, get a life review, and rejoin their fellow spirits on the other side.

A person is also allowed to hang out for a bit before they cross over, if they desire. Or they can cross over immediately and check in with their living loved ones when they feel like it. Souls have varying degrees of connection to their old lives.

When a person is murdered, they often choose to stick around for a bit. Some wait to see justice done. Others simply cannot accept that they are done with this life and hang on in the hopes they can somehow get back into their bodies.

I recall a reading I did for a family whose mother came through and explained in great detail how her death was staged to look like a suicide, but it was murder. She would not cross over until they knew what happened and found her murderer. The reading I gave them helped solve the case and mom moved on completely and with peace.

I also did a reading for a family whose brother was murdered and body dumped somewhere in the desert. When his body was found, he moved on. He did not care about the murderers or justice. He just wanted his family to have answers and not wonder if perhaps he was still alive somewhere.

So some murder victims move on quickly, easily and peacefully, and others hang on for a bit to see justice done or to get closure for their families.

The same is true for accident victims. When you are suddenly ejected from your body, there is a natural desire to get back in it. But when you realize you cannot get back into your body, you will turn your attention towards crossing over. For some this lasts just a few minutes and for others it can last weeks.

It’s not healthy for a spirit to stay in limbo though. When a spirit is hanging on so hard to their life here, they are denying themselves closure, release, reunification, and they can stay so long they start to deteriorate a bit. But there are angelic energies who stay nearby and protect them and encourage them to let go and cross over.

Most people who die cross over easily and well. A very few will linger but will eventually cross over.

When your time comes, remember this… you can cross over fully and still check in with your family from this life. So cross over. Don’t linger. It’s better on the other side.

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