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Do animals forgive us if we have to put them down?

I had to euthanize my dog and I am broken up about it. Does he forgive me? Does he know how much I loved him, and will I see him again on the other side? – Maxwell

I have connected with a fair number of animals on the other side when I do readings for my clients. Many of the animals were in fact euthanized and my clients ask this exact question about whether the animal forgives them.

I have never met an animal on the other side who was angry, upset, or unforgiving about being euthanized.

If you were a compassionate, caring, loving pet parent and you had to make the difficult choice to put the animal down to end its suffering, don’t feel guilty or bad about the decision. It’s a blessing that we are given the option to let our animals pass gently and without pain when they reach the end of their lives.

I would imagine that the only situation in which an animal might be upset or angry is if the animal was abused, tortured and neglected prior to death. But even in those cases I believe animals forgive and forget.

You will see your animal companion when you cross over if that is your wish. Any animal with whom you shared a strong and loving bond is going to be waiting to greet you along with the souls of those who have passed before you.

From my article: How Animals Communicate from the Other Side
One time I was doing a reading for a woman and her black cat came through to me during the reading. Once I connected with the cat, it sent me an image of a little white kitten. When I told my client what I was seeing, she told me she had just gotten a white kitten and was worried that her deceased cat would be jealous. Instead, the black cat conveyed to me that it had “arranged” for the new kitten to be with the family and was not at all jealous.

Animals are so unconditionally loving, and they appreciate the time they have spent with a loving human companion. So do not worry about forgiveness, they are probably sending you gratitude.

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