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This Is What Your Family is Doing on the Other Side

Have you ever wondered what your deceased loved ones are doing in the ether? Are they watching their grandkids 24/7? Playing with your dogs and cats? Are they hobnobbing with deceased celebrities, going to shows and concerts? Are they engaged in delightful discussion with Galileo and Einstein? Hitting the heavenly buffets?

Let’s go over all the things your deceased folks are up to on the other side.

Tuning Into You

Spirits are capable of seeing what’s happening on Earth. They can tune back in to their family, friends, and anyone they want to see. Just because they are dead does not mean they stop caring, so you can expect them to be hovering a bit, especially after they first die, to make sure you are okay. They will also try to get your attention to let you know they are okay on the other side, so look for signs from them.

Not every spirit stays connected to their living loved ones however. Some release and let go and turn their attention to other things or a new incarnation.

Guiding You

Your deceased loved ones may be attempting to send you important information designed to help you with practical matters in life. Where to go to get a job, who to date or who to stop dating, how to fix your psoriasis, and things of that nature.

They do not replace your actual spirit guides, however. Guides were chosen before you were born and are very qualified to assist you in achieving your goals and desires, but a deceased loved one will also throw their two cents in periodically.

Again this is a choice on the part of the deceased person, so some might be more helpful than others.

Communing with the Universe

One of the most glorious things that happens when we die is getting access to the universal wisdom of the cosmos. When you are here on Earth, you are very limited as to what you remember about the universe, but once you cross over, the veil is lifted and you can get access to and recall quite a bit more about the nature of the universe.

Expect that some of your family members are busy learning and understanding how the universe functions and may not spend as much time tuned in to you.

Communing with Each Other

There are many reunions on the other side. When you cross over you will be greeted by all your loved ones, and I’m not just talking about loved ones from this current incarnation. You will reunite with everyone you have ever loved or cared about, in any of your lifetimes.

That’s a lot of souls! Expect that some of your family members are more tuned in to other deceased people than the living they left behind.

Traveling the Universe

Without a body, it’s actually easier to explore the cosmos. No need for a space suit, a ship, or food stores. When you cross over, you can explore the furthest reaches of physical space and other planes as well. That’s extremely appealing once you get there. That’s another reason why a deceased loved one may not be hovering over you all the time; they are out exploring.

Learning and Growing

Learning and growth happen on the other side. I recall speaking to one lovely deceased gentleman during a reading and when the reading was over he conveyed to me that he was about to attend what we would consider a lecture. He was learning from other souls who were more advanced in certain topics than he was and was looking forward to the learning.

That sounded just dandy to me because that sort of thing is quite appealing. I can imagine quite a few people I’d love to learn from who are crossed over. There is apparently music as well; something like a cosmic orchestra you can listen to or even be a part of.

Planning their Next Life

Some souls choose to stay in the ether for quite some time, even hundreds of years, but some souls want to turn around and get back on the rollercoaster of life. Some of your deceased loved ones may be planning their next incarnation.

Even if your deceased mother incarnates again, you will still see her on the other side when you cross over. How can that be? How can she be in two places at the same time? The higher self remains on the other side and sends energy into a new body on Earth. So when you cross over, you will be greeted by your mom’s higher self, whom you will instantly recognize.

Reincarnation sends one aspect to Earth, not the entire soul. So don’t worry if someone you wanted to see reincarnates before you get to the ether. You will see all your loved ones again.


I’ve also seen souls who are just chillin’ on the other side. They are not focused on a whole lot. They are just bobbing along in the energy on the other side. It’s relaxing. Think of it like lounging at the pool while on vacation. This is something a soul might do for a short period of time, or maybe for a hundred years.

Playing with Fluffy and Rover

Animals wait for us on the other side. Well, some animals. I’ve seen dogs, cats, horses, and bunnies. If your deceased loved ones had a strong connection to certain animals, you can be sure they are on the other side reconnecting and playing with those animal energies. You will too when you get there.

Working Jobs

“What the heck, Erin?? I’m not working when I get to the other side!” It’s not work like you did in life, but there are tasks and duties that some souls choose to take on when they die. For example, some souls desire to become spirit guides so they will learn, study and train with those who are already doing it. Some souls assist in managing birth plans and death transitions. Some souls communicate information to mediums and psychics still on Earth. Some souls conduct what we would consider trainings, seminars or workshops with souls on the other side who wish to study and learn more on a topic. But it’s all by choice. No one is compelled to do anything.

What About the Buffets?

I’m sorry to say there are no heavenly all-you-can-eat-and-never-gain-weight buffets on the other side. More’s the pity because I was personally looking forward to that one. With no body, there is no need for sustenance like food.

What About God?

When you cross over you will re-commune with Source energy, and you’ll remember everything you forgot about Source. You can also commune with ascended masters, which are highly evolved spiritual beings who are out there guiding the universe. And you will also encounter spiritual beings you couldn’t commune with while you were alive.

How do you know what your particular family members are doing? You can tune in to them on your own and ask or you can employ the services of a medium who can tell you.

I’ve had some people be very upset to learn their loved ones were not focused on them all the time. Please don’t be offended if that is happening. They’ve got “lives” to live on the other side as well, but rest assured they still care about you and will be grateful to see you when you cross over.

Your life’s journey does not end with death. There is much to do on the other side as well. Your loved ones are alive and well on the other side, enjoying what their new situation has to offer.

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