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Do We Become More Enlightened With Each Incarnation?

“Do we become smarter, more compassionate, and more enlightened with each incarnation?” – Abjhur

It would be nice to believe that every time you come back to Earth it’s like entering the next grade level; you come in smarter, with more experience, and won’t make the same mistakes you did last time.

Unfortunately, that’s not exactly how it works.

Every time you choose to incarnate you are thrown into a new body with new DNA, new parents, new life circumstances, new talents, and new opportunities.

In your most recent previous life you may have been a world-renowned physicist who understood the intricate workings of the universe. In this new life you might be born into a family of athletes and end up becoming a long distance runner with zero interest in physics.

Or maybe you’re born into a third world country where you struggle to find food and something to cover your feet.

Every single life offers new experiences. Like characters in a play, you will wrap up one life and create a new character to play in the next one.

This is not to be feared, however. Before you incarnate, you have a very good idea of what your initial life circumstances are going to be. Even knowing you might struggle, you still choose to come, because you want the experience, you want the challenge, you want the opportunities that life will provide you.

You will learn something new in each life. You will have experiences in one life that you simply could not have in another, so you will seek variety so you can experience it all.

There is one thing you do take with you from life to life, however, and that is your connection to your higher self. If you can tap into your higher self, you will remember every life you’ve ever lived, and you will remember who you really are.

In that sense, you can carry all your experiences from previous lives into this life. Some people might deem that enlightenment. You will remember Oneness, the connection that all souls share. Some might deem that compassion. And if you can tap in to previous lives, you will be able to tap into skills you had in those lives, like playing music, or knowing complicated math.

The trick in each life is to experience it fully. Every life is unique and offers a new perspective on living. In one life you may be extremely compassionate, in another you might be ambitious and driven to monetary success, in another it might be finding phenomenal health.

Every life has its richness. Every life has something unique to offer you. Embrace each life and find its treasure.

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