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How Can You Ensure You Have a Great Afterlife?

“Is there a way to ensure you have a great afterlife?” – Benjamin

Your question suggests you believe that the quality of your afterlife experience is dependent on how you behaved while alive.

Many religions teach that if you are good during your life, you will be rewarded in the afterlife, and that if you are bad in this life, you will suffer or not have as much in the afterlife.

What you are going to experience as you cross over is a review of the life you just lived. If you were a kind, caring, compassionate individual, you are going to re-experience that. If you were cruel, heartless, and hurt others, you will re-experience that.

So you’re either going to feel good about your life review or you’re going to feel some regret.

Once your life review is complete, you are going to re-merge with your higher self, slough off the identity you just left, and your afterlife experience will be the same as anyone’s. You will reconnect with Source energy, interact with the other souls, and do what deceased people do in the ether.

There is nothing physical in the afterlife, so you won’t end up with a large mansion, servants, or sex partners. Likewise, there is no torture or hellfire.

If you want to ensure a great life review, be kind, be helpful, and be loving to your fellow humans.

No matter what you did in this life, you will be well-treated in the afterlife. Be more concerned with what you’re putting into this life. You have the capacity to create joy and peace in the world, or cruelty and hate.

Make this life a testament to your compassion, cooperation, and love for your fellow souls sharing this time period.

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