Can we use the Law of Attraction to go against our spirit guides wishes?

“Can I go after a goal using the Law of Attraction even if I’m trying to manifest something my guides don’t want me to have? For example, what if I want to date a certain person and I attract them into my life, but my spirit guides don’t think he is a good match for me? Will they block my attempts to manifest him?” – Ashley

This is a great question. Can we manifest something our spirit guides don’t want us to have? Can we have something that our spirit guides feel is not good for us? Would spirit guides attempt to block us from having something we desire?

The short answer is that your guides cannot stop you from manifesting something you desire into your life.

On planet Earth, free will trumps all. You are allowed to do anything you desire, but you must accept the consequences of your choices and actions.

I have seen this happen many times with my clients. They doggedly pursue something they desire, whether it be a certain career path, or a certain person for a relationship, and their spirit guides do not believe that their goal will make them happy.

So do the guides allow it? Yes.

Do the guides try to block you from having it? No.

So the guides just sit back and watch you pursue something that isn’t good for you? Yes.

Why would the guides do that? Don’t they care about us and our joy?

They care, very deeply. But they aren’t here to control us. They are here to help remind us of why our higher self chose to incarnate. They are here to hand us the road map to our desires, but they won’t push us kicking and screaming along a path.

Once you get to Earth, you can choose any path you want, even if it takes you far away from what your higher self intended for you. It’s the upside and the downside of free will – total freedom to choose your own path.

So what will your spirit guides do if they see you manifesting something they know will ultimately hurt you?

They will send reminders of what your higher self wanted, and they will send you intuitive warnings that what you’re after may not make you happy.

Often we don’t know we’re manifesting something that will hurt us. We just know we want it. Desire is a powerful motivator.

Think about the young child who climbs the drawers in the kitchen so he can reach the candy jar. He wants that candy really bad, but what happens after he eats it all? He gets sick.

Think about the young stud who wants a sports car and a hot woman by his side, only to find out when he gets both that neither made him any happier.

Our desires propel us, but sometimes we can’t know how achieving those desires will affect us. Our guides know, though, and they will try to warn us.

But ultimately, they will have to stand back and let us create our reality, and if we manifest something that didn’t work out for us, we can shed it and start again.

This is why getting insight from your spirit guides can be so important. It can help you understand what path will help you reach your joy, and what path will take you away from it. Spirit guides are here to help us achieve our higher self’s desires, and they can help remind you of those true desires if you’ve forgotten.

If you cannot tune in to your own spirit guides, you can book a session with me and we’ll see why you incarnated, what will bring you ultimate joy, and how you can manifest your true desires.

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