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What Happens After We Achieve Enlightenment?

I know that being here on earth we are able to advance our souls by our life experiences. Is there ever a time when any one crosses over and has achieved enough enlightenment from their lives to be one with God or Source, so they never have to take on another body again? – Mergan

This is a good question and there is a lot I want to say about this topic, so let’s dive right in.

When I was younger, I used to believe life was like a school. You learn lessons, and move up to the next “grade.” Eventually when you learn enough, you “graduate” and never have to go to school again.

It seemed like a nice theory, because if you work hard, stay conscious, and learn what you’re supposed to learn, you are rewarded with something akin to a diploma and maybe you never have to repeat the lessons you learned.

Today I have come to understand that we are not here to learn lessons. Will learning happen? Sure. But it’s not our primary objective.

We are not here to become enlightened. We actually already are enlightened, we just don’t remember.

Our souls are already perfect. They are loving tendrils of Source consciousness created in order to have experiences and to explore creation.

So when we incarnate, we come to Earth to have an experience, much like when you choose a vacation destination you go there to have an experience.

There are so many experiences to choose from. Just like when you go on vacation, some people want to go sight seeing, others want to kick back on a beach, and others want to meet certain people or explore a mountain, so too do souls decide what sort of experience they want to have.

Maybe your soul came here to study science and make a scientific breakthrough. Maybe your soul came here to examine and experience empathy towards others. Maybe your soul wanted to take its body to the heights of strength and power and health. Everyone comes here wanting to focus on a certain experience.

So you incarnate, you have your experience as best you can, then you go back to the ether.

When you ask “… so they never have to take on another body again?” you’re not remembering that you are not foced to come here — you choose to come here, you choose physicality, so you can have a certain experience.

Now you’re thinking what everyone thinks, “This planet is so horrible, why would I ever choose to come back? I don’t care what kind of experience my soul wanted to have, this place is the pits!”

From your current physical perspective it may feel that way for sure. When you are back in the ether, you will remember things you don’t remember now. You will realize that life is exactly what you make it. This planet is neither a blessing nor a curse. It’s a playground, and one our souls appreciate very much, because this planet gives us the opportunity to experience physicality.

Could we, as a collective, be taking better care of this planet? Sure! Could we as a collective be making kinder decisions so that less people suffer? Yes we could. And hopefully we will. But there are many, many people on this planet having the most amazing, wonderful experiences and they think the planet is just fine.

To sum this all up, life is more like a vacation destination than it is a school. You are here to experience physicality, feel joy, explore creation, and then start again in a new body, if you so choose.

Ask yourself why you may have come here this time around. What enticed you about physicality that you wanted to experience? What does your soul crave to experience? Are you experiencing those things? If not, get focused on getting the life you want. Make your time here as awesome as possible.

If you don’t remember why you came here, you can book a session with me and your spirit guides will tell you.

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