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When You Just Don’t Want to Be on Earth Any Longer

I get a lot of emails from people who really want to end their lives and go back to the ether. Recently I got this email from a gal and I think a lot of people can relate to it:

“What do you do if you don’t want to be here on Earth anymore and are occasionally suicidal? Every single day you believe you are supposed to be, or prefer without a doubt to be, in Heaven with God, Jesus and our past family and friends from our various lives. Every single day it consumes my mind and I don’t know if another person on earth feels the same.”

I think most people at one time or another have wanted to let go of this life and just be done. Heartache, struggle, physical or emotional pain, loss, and fear can cause us to wish we could end our lives.

Sometimes we feel backed into a corner, like we’ve hit a dead end and there is no way back to happiness.

We start to think about how beautiful the afterlife is. After all, that’s where our deceased loved ones are, that’s where we reconnect with the unconditional love of Source energy, that’s where there’s no more pain. It’s understandable why people consider suicide as a viable way out of their misery.

This is what I would recommend to those with suicidal ideation.

First, try to remember that coming here to Earth in the first place was something you very much desired.

You came here eagerly to experience physicality, joy, and play in the playground of life. You made a conscious choice to be here for some reason and that reason still exists. Try to remember why you came here.

Second, while it’s true that suicide ends the suffering you are experiencing here on Earth, it’s also true that when you get to the other side you will likely feel regret at ending your experience prematurely.

It took you some time to get to Earth and then you left suddenly. If you want to come back (and you will) it’s going to take some energy and effort to make it happen.

Think of it like going to Disneyland but leaving at noon, and you can’t get back in without buying another ticket and starting at 7am. You were already there, you’d already paid for your ticket.

Sometimes you just need a break, so sit down in the park of life and take a break, get new perspective, think of new ways to live, and then keep going. Don’t leave.

Third, your family and loved ones on the other side want you to live a full life.

They know how precious life is because their ride is over and they want to come back.

They are cheering you on and supporting you from the sidelines and they don’t want you to cross over prematurely at all.

They know you miss them, they know you want to reunite, and you will one day.

In the meantime, focus on where you are and what you’re doing. Make this life the best you can.

For those of you who miss your loved ones and are eager to see them again, remember that you can talk to them. They are just a thought away. They do hear you when you speak to them.

Life is not easy. Take the pieces of your life and improve them one by one, little by little.

Stay focused on making the most of your life. The afterlife will be there when you are done. Don’t be done early. Extract every ounce of joy out of this physical existence.

You’ll miss it when it’s gone.

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