What If You Never Meet Your Soul Mate?

One of the top ten questions I get in my readings with clients is “What if I never meet my soul mate? Will I be alone the rest of my life?”

I’m really not sure who came up with the idea that there is one person slated to be our partner in each life, but I’m here to tell you that the whole idea of soul mates is ridiculous if you understand how things work on the other side.

First, you choose to incarnate. You decide, no one else. “I’m ready to go back to Earth. Set me up!”

Your higher self moves into action by setting some intentions for your life. “I want to experience compassion, I want to work with animals, and I want a ton of free time to travel.” Intentions set!

Next your higher self finds some spirits who will agree to be your guides while you are incarnated. Higher self does this because you’re going to forget your three intentions and your guides will remind you and nudge you towards your goals. Go guides!

Then you find suitable parents and wait for them to conceive your vessel. Vessel is created, your soul pops into the baby body and you kick back waiting to be born.

Once you are born, the veil is drawn. You forget who you are so you can enjoy the experience of physicality fully.

Now the game is on. Every free will choice you make moves your piece along the game board. Your spirit guides try to nudge you. Sometimes you hear them, sometimes you don’t. It’s okay though, you’re experiencing physicality and you’re digging it.

One day you decide you want to fall in love and have a partner to enjoy your life with. You fall in love and you think you’ve found your soul mate. Life is good. Except your soul mate is now drinking, gambling, and beating you up on occasion. Ouch. Not so fun anymore.

Your friends and family beg you to break up with this winner, and you say, “But he’s my soul mate! If I break up with him, I’ll be alone the rest of my LIFE!”

No one can convince you that maybe he’s not the chosen one, so you stay with him and conclude that you did something in a past life to deserve this torture. (Psst… you didn’t!)

The reality is that there is no one person slated to be your partner in life. You attract who you desire at the time of attraction. Maybe that attraction lasts a lifetime, and maybe it doesn’t. You change, your partner changes, and now you’re no longer a vibrational match for each other. That’s okay.

It’s okay to let go of someone that no longer contributes to your joy and find a new partner. It’s okay to be alone if you choose to be alone. You are not chained to one soul.

Perhaps you’re wondering about soul contracts? Deals made in the ether before you were born? Aren’t there people you’re meant to hook up with?

There are souls you intend to run into while on Earth, yes. There are souls that are extremely familiar to you and it’s entirely possible that before you were born you both agreed to try to find each other. Your guides will try to bring you together. But that doesn’t mean they will succeed. You might not run into each other. Free will can take you on different paths. But that’s okay because there are billions of other people you may find enjoyable. Don’t limit yourself.

The bottom line is that there are no soul mates. If you have a magical relationship with your current partner, that’s fantastic! You’re living the dream! But it’s not a soul mate. It’s a beautiful relationship but it wasn’t pre-ordained to happen before you were born.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking there is only one person out of billions of people on Earth that is right for you. Pick someone compatible, enjoy their company for as long as possible. Maybe you’ll grow old together, maybe you’ll break up tomorrow. Don’t hold on to something that doesn’t make you happy because you think it’s your only option. Always choose the joyful path.

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