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Shifting Hate to Love

I was doing a reading for a woman recently who was really fired up about an injustice she was perceiving. What her spirit guides suggested she do had a profound impact on both of us as we realized there was a better way to tackle the injustice.

I knew I wanted to write about it in case it created a shift in others like it did in both of us.

My client was really fired up about how black people are treated in America. She said, “The injustice is crazy. I am so angry. I want to march and protest. I want to take down white America. I want the police and the white people to suffer as much as the suffering they’ve caused my people. The racism has to end.”

I could hear it in her voice; she sounded angry, but she was actually sad and frustrated. She wanted things to be different and she believed the way to achieve that was through violence, hate, and anger.

This is what her guides said to her. “If you focus on the injustice, you will see more injustice. If you respond to your frustration with anger or violence, you will contribute violence and hatred to the world. Is that what you truly desire or do you actually desire something else?”

She was quiet for a minute and said, “I don’t want to be violent, but I can’t stand by and do nothing. How are things going to change if I don’t change them? We have to stand up for ourselves because no one else will.”

Her guides responded, “If you fight fire with fire, all you get is ashes. You cannot create what you love by attacking what you hate.”

She said, “So what am I supposed to do instead? I can’t do nothing.”

The guides said, “Turn your back on the violence and the protests, and instead focus all your time, energy, and attention on creating what you want to see in the world. Shift your focus from hate to love. What does the world look like to you if the racism you perceive was gone?”

She perked up a bit and said, “People of all races would be paid the same salary for the same work. We would live in beautiful homes instead of the ghetto. We would be treated as equals. Our children would not feel inferior to other children based on the color of their skin. Our children would grow up with two loving parents. We would not be afraid of the police stopping us because we are black. Our children would not join any gangs and have a safe place to be after school.”

Her guides said, “Wonderful. You know what you desire. You know what the world looks like in this vision you’ve created. How do you feel when you think about living in the world you just described?”

She sighed and said, “That would be amazing. I would love that.”

Her guides said, “Now how could you spend your time making this vision a reality?”

She thought for a moment and then replied, “I could open a community center for our children after school where they could be safe, do homework, and have something to eat before their parents got home from work.”

“Awesome, what else?” her guides asked.

“I could speak to young black children about self-esteem and how to avoid falling into despair or depression. I could run a non-profit camp for teenagers over the summer where we teach them confidence, leadership, and social skills,” she said.

“Great, what else?”

She said, “I could open a non-profit that helps people get job training so they can get better jobs.”

Her guides said, “Now you’re getting it. Instead of tearing down what you hate, build up something you love and invite people over. Watch how fast things shift when you create instead of destroy.”

She said, “I really never thought of it that way. I was so mad, so fired up, so angry. I just wanted to hurt the people who are hurting us. But I see now that I could be so much more effective by focusing on the solution instead of contributing to the problem.”

We were both profoundly affected by her guides’ advice. So often we want to rail against what is, when we could focus on creating what we desire. You don’t have to ignore injustice, but the solution is creation, not destruction.

Be a creator, and then be a beacon. Invite people to your creation. Deep down people want to move towards love, not hate, but someone has to build it first.

Think about something you hate that’s going on around you, and then consider how you might create something new for people to step into.

Create in the world what you want to see in the world. Then watch the shift.

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